A Pachamama Paganized Mass? Bishops Ask Francis To Make It Happen

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Because why not at this point, right?







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2 thoughts on “A Pachamama Paganized Mass? Bishops Ask Francis To Make It Happen

  1. Frankie “has breached the wall of sanctity”. Here
    Mr. Terranova has touched on the quintessential
    Catholic “Nerve”: Holiness and Eternal Salvation.

    No, Anthony, you are not “off-base” on this at
    all. What surprises me is why, by now, I’m not
    FUMING at even listening to another syllable out
    of this man’s mouth!

    @9:15 f ” .. show yourselves then .. who IN THE
    END you are, CONVINCED Catholics .. ! Well, Francis
    sure HAS shown himself, and HIS witnessing has
    NOT been Catholic . . nor Christian, NOR even
    believing !

    @9:19 f “There is a grace to the full and complete
    CONFESSION of Faith .. the Salvation of those
    who make it .. the Salvation of those who understand
    it.” (Guėranger) Where does THAT leave Francis? ..
    salvation ? .. what salvation? He doesn’t even
    believe in SIN. Only in human faults, and “accompanied”
    at that.

    Pope Francis remains in the fog of his (chosen!)
    NON clarity, of equivocal, “back-handed” ambiguity.
    JORGE “FRANCIS” BERGOGLIO has yet to make
    public a complete Confession of Church’s Catholic
    Faith, i.e. OUTSIDE the “built-in” Confessions
    contained in the Liturgy, like St.John Paul II, who
    loudly professed and proclaimed Christ to his
    beloved Young People. “BE NOT AFRAID !!”

    But not Frankie. He’s got everybody cowering
    in official FEAR up there in Vatican Land.

    Before, and early on, in his Pontificate, I was
    deeply impressed by this Pope’s focus on both
    Our Lady and on Eucharistic Adoration. But
    that happy impact quickly dried up with the
    waterless wind of his hardly audible mutterings
    to congregations and groups. Worse, his criminal
    and incriminating SILENCE — in response to
    the first four perfectly legitimate “Dubia” questions
    from the most faithful, competent, and trustworthy
    Cardinals in the College —”took the cake”! Masonic,
    Marxist KILL JOY that silence.

    Like my grandkids tell me—IN JEST! —”You’re
    SILLY, Grandpa !”, you force us to say to you —but
    NOT in jest, Francis, “You’re SILLY, Papa Frankie!”

  2. We are now an apostate church headed by an apostate head who sits in the chair of Peter. We’ve breached the wall of sanctity that preserves us from going down into the pit of hell. If there are still those in the church who cling to the errors of the counterfeit Novus Ordo church I beg you to leave asap before you become part of its demonic rituals and beliefs. Les Orandi, Lex Crescendi> is the Catholic way to return to the Lord. The Synodal way is the way to hell.


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