The Vatican Declares: The Church MUST Change! Faithful Scandalized.

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A lot of this will be hitting the news this week. They’re trying to get us ready for what’s coming.




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7 thoughts on “The Vatican Declares: The Church MUST Change! Faithful Scandalized.

  1. The consequences of sin will happen whether you believe in sin or not, whether you “bless” it or not. It destroys man’s soul, and it destroys the bonds of fraternal charity that make society work. That’s why it is sin, which by definition means violation of Divine Law. If it didn’t destroy the soul, there would have been no reason for God to write commandments against it. They are for our good, that we may direct our energies to productivity and the building up of the Kingdom. We have seen the consequences here in America of the sexual revolution. Those who are serious about their faith recognize that, and have sought refuge in the Church. Morality is necessary for an orderly life and an orderly society. Now Francis wants to give “legitimacy” to the same behavior that is wreaking havoc on our culture. No thank you, Francis.

  2. Most Loved Anthony,

    The greatest blasphemy in your reporting today is Francis’s alleged opinion is that “science” should be relied upon as a foundation which facilitates “change”.

    Quite simply , science does not change anything !!! Think about it ? HARD science produces repetitive trials which can be measured by metrics, those which yields a singular result. The sum total of data acquired yields technologies . It “creates” human capacities to manipulate the material to function for man’s benefit ( or detriment ) , the “good” or “evil” of any application is only known to the mind of the user . Science, in other words, does not produce virtue or sin . The “user” will either be virtuous or sinful ; since everyone sins there is a mixture of both when it comes to the “utility value” ( an economic term ) of any “function”.

    NOW, technologies, to be “discovered”, can have an evil intent from the get go. They can also arise “innocently”from misinformed or ignorant academics who need to do “research” to achieve tenure and get papers published. AND there is no such thing as “social science”; Metrics will only reflect the variables which the researcher sorts for !!! Researcher says “you’re born that way “ and then their study finds “gene” . BUT , that means nothing !!! A gene has no action on mind, the formation of memories , or free will choices .

    “Transgender” , by extension, is a scientific stupidity promoted by a health care industry without any moral compass; in a rush to be “healers” medical professionals hide behind virtue signaling to make billions and sell the mentally ill with FALSE HOPE . They say “mutilate” your body and take this “pill” and you can be what you want to be . I call it Mengele medicine ( science ).

    “Gender dysphoria” does not exist !!! It’s a label applied to an individual who has mental problems which reflect a deformed identity and chaotic emotional state of mind ( mental illness – “they” believe you can truly choose your sex ).

    All that to say , the Church challenged Galileo to prove his theories . He could do it because the movement of the night sky was constant, reproducible, and “fixed” . Homosexuality sin and transgender sin are neither reproducible or fixed . There is NO science which can prove that any behavior is set by PREDESTINATION .

    The Vatican has a telescopic observatory on Mt.Lemon , Arizona . The Vatican has scientists which are very good !!! It would do Francis well to really learn something about science before he relies on it to prop up ideologies of sin .

    Blessings, Raphael ( aka Dr.Scott )

  3. Anymore, it seems to me, Fernandez is the “Ghost pope”
    behind Frankie; he’s got the smarts, where as Frankie
    has never been a scholar, nor ever will be, being a
    “Hail fellow! . . well met”, a sidewalk humanist.

    1. . . to continue: I’ve just finished reading Cardinal
      Dziwisz’s (auto)biography: My Life With Karol . .
      Forty-Year Friendship with the Man Who Became

      From it we learn that, if ANYONE promoted and lived
      The REAL Vatican Council II [ having been a periti
      during its sessions ], it was Pope John-Paul II.

      Yes, he effected real change, acknowledging “for
      the first time the sins committed by Christians down
      through the centuries against the TRUTH OF GOD

      Becoming, literally, the suffering servant of Christ
      throughout his Pontificate ±personally identifying
      with the victims of AIDS and of LEPROSY, to name
      only two “Wounds” afflicting Man today, he
      reminded an egotistical world of the “VALUE [which]
      suffering has in God’s eyes when it is lived in union
      with Christ . . [ which ] DOESN’T mean losing [ one’s ]
      DIGNITY.”  ( see last chapte).

      Against this historical background, Francis’ suggesting
      that his current synod is a continuation of Vatican II,
      where the Church MUST change, sounds hollow, an
      aping of the REAL change effected by —LIVED by —
      St. John Paul II.

    2. P.S.

      Anthony, thank you for yet again deconstructing
      the WHOLE of Francis’ “synodal” tactics, in the
      light of Doctor of the Church St. Vincent of
      Lerins’ transparent warnings. The “cat” once
      again jumps out of the loosened, ape-dragged
      bag! . . leaking the phoniness of his “MUST
      chang”, the MARXIST accent of Liberation


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