The Seven Last Words Of Christ | Good Friday Sermon Of Fulton Sheen

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This is a forgotten gem of early work by Fulton Sheen on the meaning of Good Friday.




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4 thoughts on “The Seven Last Words Of Christ | Good Friday Sermon Of Fulton Sheen

  1. Prayer Request:

    Please pray for Eric McDonald. Please pray for Eric’s conversion and salvation…

    “Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he send forth labourers into his harvest.”
    O Jesus, King of Mercy, please send laborers to Eric. O Jesus, King of Love, please touch Eric’s eyes and give him the grace to see the truth of The Gospel. Please touch his ears and give him the grace to hear The Gospel and to believe in The Gospel, and act on The Gospel. Jesus, Our Good Shepherd, please send your Blessed Mother, and St Joseph to bless and encourage Eric now and through Eric’s life.
    O Jesus, Risen from the dead, please give Eric New Life and New Hope.
    O Jesus, Our soon coming King, please help Eric to find his place in The Roman Catholic Church and more importantly his place in Heaven. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, bless Eric, Bless His home, and Bless his family enfold them in your love Amen

  2. We should feel a certain disgust for the way western culture likes the nice and accepting Jesus but runs away from Christ on the cross. Funerals are now called a celebration of life because death is depressing. How is salvation depressing? In the gospel of Mark the cynics say the word save three an insult. He saved others let him save himself. Thus they missed the point.
    Jesus is being Jesus. The savior is at one with the Father and the Holy Spirit.
    Anyone who is distracted by racism, equality and climate change does not need a savior, for example. We did it, not God said a governor in the USA because the plague did not kill two million people as expected.
    The opposite of distraction is adoration. When God says look at me, then pay attention..


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