Catholic Leaders Rock The Church With Public Correction Of Heresy

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4 thoughts on “Catholic Leaders Rock The Church With Public Correction Of Heresy

  1. The whole synodal path goes against the hierarchal structure of the Church which Christ instituted and Synods promote the idea that the Church is a democracy which it is NOT! Both the Church and society were ideally to be run in a hierarchical system which is why in order to destroy the Catholic Church its enemies began by destroying European monarchies centuries ago. There are great YouTube videos on the benefits of monarchies on YouTube at I MISS CHRISTENDOM. I have absolutely no interest in taking part in any Synod as it presumes to democratically take our opinions in order to shape the Church, this is ANTI-Catholic. Our Church is NOT a church of plebiscites!

  2. The following may be beside the reflections asked for. TJ’s is very definite and complete, though I wonder, when “placed” in the Heart of Mary Immaculate —to whom he (she?) believes Russia is NOT yet consecrated —if she, the Queen of Heaven and Earth, would cate-gorically agree.
    As a Grandpa to three very talkative, bouncy, and imaginative grandchildren under six, whose Mom is the source of all three traits, especially the non-stop, always feisty verbal component (Dad, an effective moderator most times, and Grandma more so at ALL times) . . I’ve noticed that my own CONSCIOUS involvement in this merry tumult floats up into the sorely missing orbit of adult thinking and conversation. The happy squabbling (playing) among the kids and the interminable comparing of foods and recipes between Mom, Grandma, &
    the other daughter-in-law, become
    “too much” for Grandpa. The yearning for silence and solitude
    take over, while the familial cacophony morphs into mere “background” noice.
    In the current Ecclesial sphere,
    where the (hopeful, trustingly naive?) Lay people assume a similar (Sacred) solitude and silence
    (i.e. before the Blessed Sacrament or with the Gospels), their shock is all the more palpable when it emerges that the praxis of said Bishops and their Pope is that of a
    worldly “Synodal” Club or Party.
    My “OUT!” —for both Family and Ecclesiastical mélees —is St.Joseph, whose property and possession I’ve become through
    (our . . my Wife and I) personal Consecration to him.

  3. The letter is pathetic. Too little too late. These bishops more or less are children of Vatican 2 and are sons of Benedict XVI and John Paul II, in other words they are at best moderate modernists. Burke is also a child of Vatican 2, he wants to have tradition and Vatican 2 at the same time. But they are completely incompatible. The German bishops could not care less about this letter or those who signed it. They will scoff at it. And why should they pay attention when they have the heretic Bergoglio’s support. No!! It will take much much more including much more radical actions. First the real and authentic consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart, not the ”consecration” of a modernist heretic and apostate like Bergoglio. And it will take a good pope to come who will do it and then a undertake major cleaning up of the Church with all the power of the Papacy with the total restoration of Tradition which will include a complete wiping out of Vatican 2 snd the novus ordo. In short all modernists moderate and worse eliminated from the Church and a elimination of all the post-Vatican 2 reforms. It will mean a much smaller Church perhaps but a loyal one. As I said, this letter is pathetic and will accomplish nothing. Bergoglio’s is a stone cold and corrupt heart.


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