The Most Demonic Heretics Were Just Appointed To The Synod

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How do you feel being represented by the likes of Pastor Jimmy Martin of the Jesuit Church?




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5 thoughts on “The Most Demonic Heretics Were Just Appointed To The Synod

  1. Anthony, you asked if Abp Etienne was in the same league as Cupich, McElroy, etc. Yes, he is. Since his installation after the sad, early retirement of Abp Sartain, the only positive sign Abp Etienne has done was “allowing” kneeling after the Agnus Dei which a previous archbishop had specifically suggested was inappropriate for the reformed Mass. Abp Etienne jumped quickly onto TC and has come down harshly on any of the priests beyond the 2 FSSP chapels from offering the TLM ever. He is all about a synodal (ie, virtue signaling) Church from what I can see. For the last two years I’ve been going to a TLM in Portland to avoid the ongoing shipwreck that is the archdiocese of Seattle and we only occasionally attend the Mass three minutes from our home. We still have friends there who have leadership roles and uniformly everyone of actual faith is groaning under the leadership of this hireling.

  2. I think one of the stumbling blocks for the Synod
    on Synodality will be the MEANING —conscious
    or assumed —understood by “TEACHING”: feeling/
    opinion sharing? Imparting and passing on PROVEN
    objective KNOWLEDGE?

    Trust and sharing —among the confused, the marginalized,
    the lost, the “cold and the frozen” — now seem to be
    the ointment and unction which will effect a healing and
    a being-heard, a transformation to positive feeling of
    being “called and chosen” . . to say nothing of participants
    who feel SURE about what needs changing.

    Do I believe this lady’s report? Well, Anthony, how can I
    dispute what SHE perceives? Yet it remains SUBJECTIVE,
    anchored ONLY in human opinion and expression, the
    perennial bastion of media REPORTING.

    Apart from mere opinion —no matter how candid and
    complete, straight from the shoulder, or eloquent — an
    OBJECTIVE footing is missing. A hundred ambiguities
    do not amount to a single certitude. Ten suggestions
    will never dethrone the Ten Commandments.

    Thus, unless the Ordinaries in the Synod “man up” to
    THEIR authority as Bishops. and ASSESS the input
    “from the floor” —MADE IN THE LIGHT of “the Keys”,
    the Authority invested BY CHRIST in St.Peter and
    the Chair AND in themselves as successors of the
    Apostles —all Synodal deliberations will amount
    to “communal spaces” leaking a lot of wasted hot air.

    How will minimally-instructed believers fare regarding
    the NECESSITY of prayer . . DAILY prayer? . . of
    Charity towards ALL? . . of striving for HOLINESS?

    St. John Vianney starkly pointed out that any soul
    that finds itself damned after the final Judgement
    got there from the day they STOPPED PRAYING.
    Sr. Teresa of Avila and St. Alphonsus Liguori teach
    exactly the same thing.

    Back to this Synod: maybe a voice or two . . or three
    WILL refer to the Faith Of Our Fathers, ” ever ancient,
    ever new” (St. Augustine), to “the HOLY Spirit, the
    HOLY Catholic Church, the Communion of Saints,
    the forgiveness of sins, the Resurrection of the Body,
    and [ why let human foibles, stresses, and
    disappointments trump the SURE medicine of
    the Eucharist and the Sacraments? ] L I F E
    E V E R L A S T I N G.”


  3. For more than a decade now, the Argentine has poked his finger in the eyes of God, and even though he’s all out & proud now, people still think that God will be somehow displeased if we say the obvious: that this man has nothing to do with the Faith, except as an infidel and idolator, or with the Church, except to fill the edifice with mock-priests, mock-bishops, mock-prelates. God does not make such teachers of chaos and unbelief the chief shepherd of His Church, and only when people stop trembling with fear at the thought of declaring, not by our authority but by the manifest truth, that we have nothing to do with this man nor his perverts, will God deliver us. I don’t want to hear any more of those circular arguments on the subject. We cannot believe contradictory things and it is an act of complete abandonment of reason to insist that this man has any divine office. Diabolic, yes.

  4. During these evil, deceptive and confusing times, I keep my gaze on Jesus, his holy Mother, and St. Joseph. God is orchestrating the final outcome, and I place my trust in Him, as I attempt to continue my path to becoming a saint❤️


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