The Modernists Admit They’re Changing The Church Into Something New

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Why does the Church need to change into something new?




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5 thoughts on “The Modernists Admit They’re Changing The Church Into Something New

  1. The same people say “We have to implement Vatican II” also say “real socialism/communism” has never been implemented.

  2. Once again, V2 was a rupture in the Church which means it dropped a monumental atomic bomb into its very heart and soul causing chaos that, sadly, continues today w/o any sign of being healed. Why? for many reasons but if one is looking at the intentional disorientation, as Fr. Lucy of Fatima describes, of that ongoing rupture, we must consider that Modernism is rampant, most do not know or follow the true Catholic faith and, with great sadness She, Holy Mother Church, Bride of Christ, has become one w/the world. The Church is now on a self-destructing course, led by an agent of Satan and his demonic minions. A cradle Catholic friend of mine just told me she doesn’t care what Francis says or does, she knows she is doing God’s will by attending a Novus Ordo church and believes the Mass and the sacraments are valid. This is typical of what is happening everywhere.
    It is the “Eyes Wide shut” syndrome of over 60yrs. of V2 hounding that this “pastoral council” is the same as a dogmatic council and therefore should be respected as such. Much prayer and penance is needed.

  3. “The Modernists Admit They’re Changing The Church Into Something New”. . that’s impossible. Christ’s Church is forever New and RE-newable, because the Holy Spirit is still around, “as advocate or counsellor (John 14:16, 26)”, source of Love, of re-creation, of Wisdom, of Joy, of renewal, of Consolation. Christ, the Head of the Mystical Body, is “the same, yesterday, today, and FOREVER” !
    And “same” does NOT mean: “Ho-hum same ‘ol, same ‘ol”.

    Christ’s Church has kept on renewing itself throughout the ages, through its Vicar, the Bishops (in union with him), and the Laity. One, Holy (because of Christ its Head remains all-Holy), Catholic, and Apostolic. The the “Development of Doctrine” and self-correcting Ecumenical Councils have been there from the beginning.

    So, Anthony, if Francis has forgotten —or NEVER gotten (hard to believe!) —those ontological, historical F A C T S, then, indeed, he HAS to keep on preaching heresy. “ . . can’t help himself “, as you correctly say.

    Pope Francis’ so-called perceptions ( . . declarations!) of what’s “rigid” and what’s “tradition” are, therefore, humanly made-up, and, at the end of the day, a forgery, a lookalike, an aping of the True Christ and His True Church.

    The birth, life, preaching, “Good News” (“He healed ALL diseases”), betrayal, Passion, Death, AND Resurrection of Promised Saviour, Jesus, “pivots” upon Satan’s “conning” of our First Parents and their IRREVERSIBLE (Original) Sin of disobedience, who’s consequences have sped through the ages until the Birth of the promised [ i.e. R E A L ] Saviour —“O Happy Fault”, as it says in the Easter Liturgy.

    But, under Francis, the Church has “ . . changed [ is changing ] into SOMETHING NEW ” ??? How about “new” (in quotation marks), therefore something FALSE . . because Christ the Head STILL remains “the same yesterday, today, and F O R E V E R” !!

    The Sacred Deposit of Faith . . Baptism, Confession, Eucharist (i.e. His “Real Presence”) . . the Church’s Sacramental Life, also remain the same “yesterday, today, and forever”. Frankie’s name-calling—“rigid”, “traditionalIST”, “backward” etc.—show his lamentable splitting of the True and Living “Real” from HIS “real”.

    “St. Athanasius pray for us, pray for the Church, pray for Pope Francis”

    1. Postscript: . . and from another Father of the Church: “”Three things are necessary to everyone: truth of faith which brings understanding, love of Christ which brings compassion, and endurance of hope which brings perseverance.”
      –St. Bonaventure

  4. I understand the sentiment. It is the same in society. Do you anticipate that the next few popes would return the Church to tradition? It does not seem likely, and traditionalists may likely face a future with less availability of traditional worship, while resisting the leadership for decades.


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