Francis Praises Hollywood Culture While Insulting Faithful Catholics

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Is Hollywood really in the beauty business as Francis asserts?




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One thought on “Francis Praises Hollywood Culture While Insulting Faithful Catholics

  1. Note: this comment is to “Francis praises Hollywood Culture while insulting Faithful Catholics”.

    Anthony, Francis’ sidewalk humanism entirely omits EVERYONE’S need to (DAILY) conversion
    (including the already-Baptized) . . to Christ, our ONLY Saviour. But Francis has chosen to believe, and teache, that “Christ” is anyone you meet on the street . . TRUE! . . through the eyes of anyone
    who carries Christ [ believes ] within him/her. But what subtlety of intended meanings here!

    Thus, who or what IS moving Francis to say what he says, whether on a plane or “officially”? Is it Francis himself? Is it his idol and mentor of teen-age years, dictator Juan Perón? The Holy Ghost?
    Can one really know for sure? The Holy Ghost knows all languages, especially the language of the
    heart. But also of “the head”.

    To “. . promote the good of all” , “good” as understood and promoted by the Church à la St. John Henry Newman’s organic Development of Doctrine? . . by Godless Globalists? . . by Francis’ Vitae (Life) Foundation? . . by St. John of the Cross & the Communion of Saints ?? . . WHO’s “good”?

    Next, an excellent clarion call, Anthony: “We want the same Faith that was taught to our Grandparents.” Let me expand on that: the same Faith that the Salish (“Flathead” Indians) were thirsting for AND were instructed in by Flanders missionary Fr. “Samson” Pierre DeSmet, SJ, throughout most of the middle of the 19th Century, to a young America . . in G.K. Chesteron’s phrase, we want the Faith and Wisdom held and preserved by “the Democracy of the Dead”, by our BELIEVING ancestors . .

    . . replaced by a twisting of meanings and contexts, the insertion of key words with opposite meanings! Gaslighting at its worst! . . projecting onto one’s concocted enemy what is a roaring fire in oneself.

    Allow me to return the favour: “Progress”? . . well of course, but the full word is “ProgressivIST”. There! . . I’ve just gaslighted the word-play on “TraditionalIST”. Everyone also knows —by now —that standard Marxist lingo first ROBS a Nation [ in this case the Holy Catholic Church ] of its legitimate, SOVEREIGN history, defacing it & replacing it with a fake, denigrating version. Add that tell-tale “IST” and you’ve instantly walked your deceived audience into “enemy” territory. Thus “TraditionalIST” becomes the “rigid” foe of your ever-wandering sidewalk, “living”, “tradition”.

    In the same manner everyone knows by now that Progres(sivIST)” is an alternative designation for MARXIST. Talk about quoting from “Hell’s Bible” !!

    “St. Catherine of Siena, apostle of the VICAR of CHRIST on earth,
    pray for us. Pray for the Church.”


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