The Luciferian Eclipse Of The Catholic Church | Archbishop Vigano

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This message will upset those who are attached to the Novus Ordo.




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3 thoughts on “The Luciferian Eclipse Of The Catholic Church | Archbishop Vigano

  1. Well said Anthony especially the last couple minutes. As you state, it’s not just the novus ordo but everything that comes with it – the mindset of it all…

  2. To the charge: ” . .the changes made to the Liturgy under
    Paul VI [ altars to tables etc. ] are a complete novelty;
    they have no basis in Tradition, but rather amount to a
    RUPTURE with it.” Bishop Schneider responds in detail
    —historical; liturgical; theological —and then offers the
    following HOPEFUL desire:

    “I think it would be wonderful if, as a sign of our return
    to the Faith, all Priests in the whole Catholic Church
    would return to the authentic liturgical practise and begin
    to celebrate the Masses—in the new rite also —(facing)
    toward the East, toward the altar, toward Christ. We must
    turn again to God. “Conversio” signifies precisely such a

    Although the Priest is another Christ, alter Christus,
    he is not God. He is neither a monstrance nor a
    tabernacle. He is merely THE INSTRUMENT of God.
    Therefore, people shouldn’t keep looking at HIS face
    —he must disappear and Christ should appear before
    the eyes of the faithful. The Priest must POINT TO CHRIST,
    refer to Him. The attention of the faithful should be directed
    . . [therefore] . . to the Cross: the cross on the chasuble,
    the crucifix on the altar, or the cross in the apse . . ”  
    —The Springtime That Never Came, p.301 ff
    “The Rupture of Continuity.

  3. During the forgoing nine years of ever-ONgoing Vatican intrigue,
    the recurring “one-two-punches”, exposing these shenanigans,
    has been Archbishop Viganò and Bishop Athanasius Schneider
    . . the former as the formidably Church-History-based “battering
    ram”; the latter as the lucid, point-by-point “corrector” of the
    many insufficiently-expounded, or ambiguous, or down-right
    erroneous “takes” by the Modernists on fundamental sections
    of the Church’s millennial Sacred Deposit of Faith.

    Archbishop Carlo Maria and Bishop Athanasius providentially
    and mutually “have each other’s back”: the Archbishop, by his
    public letters, which lay waste the enemies of the Church,
    thereby clearing that unjustly-occupied stolen sacred ground
    for the RETURN of the Church’s Sacred Deposit of Faith,
    as clearly RE-spelled out —and, thus, “salvaged” — by
    Bishop Athanasius.

    Anthony, the Archbishop’s Letter is full of JUST ANGER,
    justified by his overwhelming evidence of anti-Christ,
    anti-Church Modernism. Let us not whimp-out with un-
    worthy cowardice in the face of the same evidence!

    I mean, if our three and four-year-old grandson and
    grand daughter can spontaneously holler at the top
    of their clear, high voices [ they were playing “Church”
    . . doing the recessional hymn, “Onward Christian Solders” !]
    who are we, their [ very blessed! ] Grandparents to
    behave any LESS Catholic? Twenty-four-seven we
    breathe the FRESH AIR of the near-by Rocky Mountains.
    . . and those uninhibited little kids ACT like it! Fresh
    liturgical air. They haven’t missed “a trick”, whether at
    sung Masses, or quiet Masses, or even funerals. It’s all
    live drama to them, fair game for home imitation . . at
    the top of their voices


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