Francis Shocks The Faithful With His Most Scandalous Words Yet

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2 thoughts on “Francis Shocks The Faithful With His Most Scandalous Words Yet

  1. This is a reply to your next —today’s (Nov. 2/ 22) —podcast.

    “A The Society of Jesus has surged to the heights of command of
    the Catholic Church as never before . . “ (@ 2:14)

    Where and when did THAT start ? In The Jesuits Malachi Martin
    clearly traces the path: from espousing Modernism ( firmed up by
    two General Congregatoins), through Marxist “Liberation Theology” 
    —whose poison was shown by John Paul II’s humiliation at the
    hands of Nicaraguan Jesuit Fr. Cardenal, to “beckoning everyone
    else to say goodbye to what John XXIII had loved and Ignatius of
    Loyola had honoured .. it was just a matter of how to get the job

    After the death, on Oct. 5, 1964, of Father General Janssens,
    “ . . the stage was set for the new face of Jesuitism . . the face
    that bared its teeth in such an ugly and humiliating grimace at
    the papacy of John-Paul II not twenty years later.”

    In short, the “Jesuits” doing all the wheeling and dealing under
    Pope Francis today are NOT the Sons of Ignatius, NOR the
    Society of JESUS!

    Not very astute, nor quick to grasp political realities, I was into
    my seventh year of Jesuit formation (1970) when told “you
    haven’t a vocation to the Jesuits”. Which was true. I HAD a
    vocation. Received the benefits of a “classic” Ignatian formation
    . . which I’ve been applying, even “as we speak”. The touchstone
    is —and always was, and will be —personal and Ignatian prayer.
    That had dried up . . also, I believe, because of spiritually
    debilitating Novus Ordo Masses i.e. guitar Masses (I played guitar)
    . . plus my Faith never wavered. My worldly INexperience and my
    gross naivety in politics and its “necessary” intrigues paradoxically
    PROTECTED me. For sure, it was Our Lady who had a hand
    (and Heart) in all this.

    But, not long after leaving, and tasting the freedom of the World,
    I dropped in to the office of The Canadian Messenger of the
    Sacred Heart, in Toronto. And there, through the Jesuits still
    faithful to the rule of Ignatius and to the Church, I realized that
    I’d been “sprung” just in time, for the ruling body of the Society
    of Jesus had “jumped the rails” . . the private and independent
    deliberations of the last General Congregation (CG 31 or 32).

    Looking BACK, somebody —NOT the spirit of St. Ignatius 
    —was grooming them for, from that moment on, being the
    “Light Infantry” of a future politically-minded and manoeuvred
    occupant in the Chair of Peter a quarter of a century
    down the road.

  2. Your Bishop Sheen quote —@11:00 – 11:40 min. —of 75
    years ago is “BANG . . ON!”

    It is thoroughly backed up the Marian Movement of Priests
    of only 33 years ago (1989). ” . . the Beast-with-two-horns-like
    a-Lamb indicates Freemasonry infiltrated into the interior of the
    Church .. ECCLESIASTICAL Masonry, which has spread
    especially among the members of the hierarchy. This Masonic
    infiltration .. was already foretold to you by me at Fatima . . (that)
    . . Satan would enter .. even to the summit of the Church.
    IF THE TASK of Masonry is to lead souls to perdition, bringing
    them to worship false divinities, THE TASK OF ECCLESIAS-
    HIS CHURCH, building a new idol, a FALSE christ and a FALSE
    church.” —To The Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons, 1989,
    #406g. [ better known as Fr. Stefano Gobbi’s “blue book” ]

    It is well-worth meditating on the numbers following the one above:
    (#407) “The Number of the Beast: 666”; (#408) “Bear Within
    Yourselves the Witness of Jesus”; (#409) “Here Must Appear
    the Constancy of the Saints”; (#410) “The Mark on the Forehead
    and on the Hand”; (#411) “Great Is My Sorrow”; (#412) “The
    Angel of the First Plague”; (#413) “The New Jerusalem” . . Nov.
    1, feast of All Saints; Nov. 2, feast of All Souls . . which we
    celebrate tomorrow and the day after.

    So, Anthony, while the Church [ and we, the Faithful ] celebrate
    TRUE Tradition, we, at the same time, must endure the on-going
    false “make over” of Christ and His Church.

    Bishop Schneider, during a recent interview on LifeSite/ LSTV
    shared a “Rock-Solid” understanding of the NATURE of the
    Mystical Body: Christ —HEAD of His Body, the Church —
    C A N N O T die again; He R E M A I N S A L I V E and
    ACTIVE Head of His Mystical Body. Therefore, an unfaithful,
    false Pope W I L L B E replaced by another TRUE Vicar
    of Christ.

    Guaranteed !!!


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