The Lord Of The Rings Is 100% Catholic: Heroes Of The Faith, Episode 1: JRR Tolkien

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A first look at non-canonized heroes of the faith, and Tolkien has been made especially relevant given the corporate abomination ruining his good works.




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2 thoughts on “The Lord Of The Rings Is 100% Catholic: Heroes Of The Faith, Episode 1: JRR Tolkien

  1. Anthony, thanks for the detailed biographical essentials of Tolkien! The one thing that comes “front and centre” to my mind is the Consecration to St. Joseph by St. Bernadine of Siena, of that Saint-blessed Italian town.

    Our younger son had been an avid “fan” of Tolkien, read all of J.R.R.’s material (including posthumous stuff) until a certain opinion—I don’t recall its source—convinced him that Lord of the Rings wasn’t Catholic but Gnostic. Same with C.S. Lewis’s Narnia Chronicles. I’ll send him this Podcast.

    St. Bernadine’s Consecration to St. Joseph (emphases mine):

    “Dear St. Joseph, my father and my guardian,/ adopt me as your child;/ take charge of my salvation;/ watch over me day and night;/ preserve me from the occasions of sin;/ obtain for me a spirit of sacrifice, of humility, of self-denial [ the essence of the Fatima message/ Morning offering ], and an INTIMATE LOVE FOR JESUS IN THE BLESSED SACRAMENT. A pure and tender love for Mary, my Mother, protect and guard in me. St. Joseph, be with me living, be with me dying, and obtain for me a favourable judgement for Jesus, our MERCIFUL Saviour [ the essential goal of the Divine Mercy message and Feast, instituted by Pope St. John Paul II ].

    1. While Patrick of Ireland, in his “Breastplate”, has revealed —in scope, presence, holiness,
      and power —who CHRIST IS, it is St. Joseph who the Church has declared as “Diligent
      PROTECTOR of Christ” ! [ see the Litany of St. Joseph ]

      “St. Joseph, protector (also) of Holy Mother Church, pray for us and our Bishops”
      “St. Patrick, pray for us and all errant Irishmen and women.”


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