Heresy Triumphs As The Possible Next Pope Tells Catholics To Be Nice

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The Church of Nice strikes again.




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4 thoughts on “Heresy Triumphs As The Possible Next Pope Tells Catholics To Be Nice

  1. Heretic bishops have no authority anywhere. Giving them any sort of reverence or obedience is paying God in counterfeit coin.

  2. Anthony, we’re well into that continental shift from print culture to digital. The never-before-existing fluid digital culture having overtaken the previous print “rigid” culture. A forever roaming and surfing and changing —depending on one’s year of birth —INFORMATION v.s the previously-established, perennial, “rigid”, proven KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM of Scripture, Dogma, the Magisteria, & of the Saints.

    “ . . little lectures from the past”? v.s. NEVER-ENDING dialogues and monologues of today? Cameras EVER “rolling” v.s. the Solitude and Silence —sought AND found —of St. Bruno and the Carthusians, WITHOUT cameras & not even “little lectures from the past” [ echoes of that Hebrew Prophet, who found God Presence not in hurricanes and earthquakes, but in “the sheer SILENCE outside his cave” ]

    “New words for new questions”? . . how about new words for ancient questions ! “‘. . we must know how to tell the eternal truths in today’s . .’ Terminology” [ correct! ] but with CHRIST at the centre AND the human person [ Baptized, Secularized, Paganized, & atheist ] IN THE LIGHT OF the Incarnation, Life, Death & Resurrection, and the consequent ETERNAL Salvation wrought by the God-Man Jesus Christ.

    Bishops’ CONFERENCES have NO authority over individuals or a group. Only the individual Bishop does, over HIS OWN Diocese and flock. So, WHO are they kidding ??

    Back to “ . . listening with my own heart”. Servant of God Catherine de Hueck Doherty published the record [ book ] of HER listening to “my heart” in guiding her Community of Madonna House [Combermere, Ontario, Canada ]. But her whole “output” of counsel was always firmly grounded, rooted in daily Mass.

    Then there is heaart of St. Teresa of Jesus [ transformed in the Mystical Marriage with Jesus’ Heart ], which informed and formed her from her MIND: “(MENTAL) Prayer is nothing other than an intimate FRIENDSHIP, [ and, therefore ]a FREQUENT CONVERSATION with Him WHOM I KNOW LOVES ME.” (Autobiography). Nothing is in the “heart” which first does not pass through one’s mind.

    Thus, “listening with my own heart” is “coloured” by whether or not one has FIRST encountered CHRIST. Otherwise—no matter who—the Saints tell us that if we have acquired everything but
    HAVE NOT Christ, “at the end of the day” we have NOTHING. Sand passing through our fingers.

    For myself (and my Wife) consecration to both the Immaculate Heart of Mary and to ST. JOSEPH (being a man, me, though blindingly head-strong!) keeps his “model-of-all-Fatherhood”’ hand FIRMLY on my fitful shoulder.

    St. Joseph, Spouse of the Mother of God/ Chaste guardian of the Virgin/ Diligent protector of Christ/ Most just . . chaste . . prudent . . strong . . obedient . . faithful . ./ Mirror of PATIENCE/ Solace of the wretched/ Terror of demons/ Protector of Holy Mother Church . . PRAY FOR US!


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