The Final Chastisement Of Man: The Prophecies Of Blessed Elena Aiello (we were warned

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Fire will fall from the sky….




Book: The Incredible Life Story of Sister Elena Aiello: The Calabrian Holy Nun (1895 – 1961) 

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4 thoughts on “The Final Chastisement Of Man: The Prophecies Of Blessed Elena Aiello (we were warned

  1. Blessed Sister seems to imply that when these chastisements take place that the Pope will be a “Good Guy”… so how can it be anytime soon?

    1. Learning N O T to second-guess GOD’S timetable is the true mark of a Faithful Catholic. “A day is
      like a 1000 years and 1000 years is like a day” in God’s timetable.

    1. Anthony, 1954 ? ! . . that was the Marian Year, under Pope Pius XII. I was ten. Clearly remember that year. Our parish also to Our Lady of Fatima’s message. Venerable Fr. Patrick Peyton came through our town with his very successful Rosary Crusade. Fr. Peyton began his Crusade, if I’m not mistaken,
      in 1948, Dioceses of London, Ontario. Ended up in Hollywood doing Catholic theatre with the help
      of Loretta Young and others.

      Thanks for posting. Sr. Aiella passes on the scenarios and DIRE warnings of Heaven ( . . of Our Lady) for our God-rejecting times! She passes to her own Eternal reward in 1961, the year after Pope John XXlII was supposed to have opened/ read/ shared the 3rd Secret of Fatima, a time when Soviet Communism had its tightest grip on the Eastern “bloc”.

      It stands to reason then that the “free” world then could not conceive of a world FREE of Soviet rule and influence. Hence, Sr. Aiella depicting the red Communist flag over the Vatican aa well as threatening all Europe.

      But . . the “Iron Curtain” fell —though not the “Bamboo Curtain” of China, a more immanent threat than ever! HUGE, official rejector of God and the Catholic Church. Europe? . . atheist, materialist
      in practise. Thus . . .

      . . it is the tsunamis of hatred of God, and the resulting serious sin covering the earth, which Sr. Aiella is shown, the description of Hell almost word for word Sr. Lucia’s description of Hell shown the children at Fatima (1917).

      Whether the promised “fire from Heaven” will materialize or not —God REMAINS Just in all His punishments, and super-abundantly generous in his Blessings, and Our Lady merciful in her ever-available intercessory protections —our prayer and penance and reparation need not be pulled from us, like candy from a clutching, possessive child. We can offer it freely.

      Pope St. John Paul II’s instituting the Feast of Divine Mercy —he passed to his Reward on the eve
      of —remains forever a “Done Deal”, appealing to “the vessel of trust” in each of us . . even until our dying breathe if need be.

      “Jesus, I trust in You.” So simple. So inviting. So home-coming.

      If anything, let Sr. Aiella’s —and for that matter, Our Lady of Akita’s —scary forecasts DRIVE US
      to the Divine Mercy, to a more fervent daily Rosary, to the Divine Mercy Chaplet . . or at least to
      a day filled with many aspirations of “Jesus, I trust in You” . . “For the sake of his Sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world”.


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