Former High Ranking Vatican Bishop Challenges Cardinals To Resist Francis’ Heresies

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Vigano strikes again.




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3 thoughts on “Former High Ranking Vatican Bishop Challenges Cardinals To Resist Francis’ Heresies

  1. Anthony, “ . . building bridges” (@6:16 ff) . . is the essential meaning of a Pope’s title, Pontifex, “Bridge-Builder” . . the “rigid” (i.e. solid and firm) Bridges of the Church’s Sacred Deposit of
    the Faith . . which Pope Bergoglio is blowing up.

    “. . waffling”, when the World desperately needs stalwart, frugal, penitential Church leaders, MANY MORE like Cardinal Zen.

    During the Spanish Civil War, Servant of God Catherine de Hueck Doherty was on assignment for SIGN Magazine to inquire and report on that huge (one million dead), fratricidal, Communist-Led tragedy. Catherine found the Bishops alright: all huddled in hiding, lamenting OUT LOUD to her, “If only we had listened to the Pope [ Pius XI then ? ] !” (see: Fragments Of My Life, by Catherine Doherty, publ. by Ave Maria Press).

    Violent physical persecution then; soft, “comfortable” persecution today.

    A million dead then; millions of “75mph”, ignorant, apostates having drunk the “Cool-aid” today. A complicit, mainstream media being the “straw” facilitating that slurping up the the synodal “juice”.

    We had best seek relief from the INFINITE merits of Christ’s sacrifice on Calvary:

    GOOD FRIDAY, from the Latin of Cardinal J.F. Bonaventura (1221 – 1274, the time (1272) when
    St. Thomas Acquinas was asked by the Pope to compose the Liturgy/hymns for the Feast of Corpus Christi, which we still sing today. )

    . . . from The Book of Common Praise:

    “Thou art worthy . . for thou wast slain, and hast redeemed us to God by thy Blood” —Rev. 5:9.

    “In the Lord’s atoning grief,/ Be our rest and sweet relief,/ Store we deep in (our) heart’s recess/ All the shame and bitterness.

    Thorns, and cross, and nails, and lance,/ Wounds, our rich inheritance,/ Vinegar, and gall, and reed,/ And the cry that his Soul freed.
    . . .
    O Crucified! . . we thee adore,/ Thee with all our heart’s implore;/ Us with all saints unite/ In the realms of Heavenly Light.

    Christ, by coward hands betrayed,/ Christ, for us a captive made,/ Christ upon the bitter Tree/ Slain for man, BE PRAISE TO THEE. AMEN.”

    1. POSTSCRIPT: ” . . . but once, over twenty-five years ago, my heart burst into song as I saw, A LITTLE how the dark moment of Calvary had transformed THE WHOLE UNIVERSE into Tabor.” —Fr. Robert Pelton, THE TRANSFORMING CROSS. [ from Restoration, Madonna House newspaper.]


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