The Bishops Who Stand With Archbishop Cordileone Against Nancy Pelosi

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Here are the names, so far. And the names of those who have signaled opposition to preserving the integrity of the Eucharist.




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2 thoughts on “The Bishops Who Stand With Archbishop Cordileone Against Nancy Pelosi

  1. Anthony, thank you for this very clear current state of affairs among the American Hierarchy. Finally a “Crack” in
    their seemingly spellbinding absence of real Catholic Action? . . other than the “Cancelling” of many good pastors.
    Maybe Fr. James Altman’s blazing excoriation of both Pope and American Bishops [closing churches and refusing
    to “Feed the Lord’s flock” during Covid] unfroze the minds and hearts of many.

    So, twelve or so Bishops are one with “the Bishop from the Bay”. An Apostolic number, that! A hopeful harbinger of
    “dry bones knitting back together” into living Apostles of the Gospel and the Sacred Deposit of Faith.

    Here, in Canada, I have yet to here “Boo!” from our Bishops —though that’s my own fault, never having been an
    INVETERATE Political or Ecclesiastical “hound” —especially concerning our Prime Minister’s espousal of Klaus Schwa’s school of Globalism [ therefore, anti-free Nation State Sovereignty; therefore fundamentally Marxist & Atheist] one of whose “graduates” Trudeau is. Moreover, Turncoat Trudeau has consistently championed abortion [no one who didn’t was allowed into his Liberal caucus], dictatorial rule, and —most “hair-raising” —China under the
    “ideal” and “orderly” rule of the CCP.

    Most Canadians, even now, are still not “up in arms” about their globe-trotting “Leader”. Certainly not our Canadian
    Hierarchy. I dunno, maybe there are huge segments of the Catechism I’m clueless about. Maybe I don’t know how
    to read “between the lines” . . which can be dangerously close to “making it up as you go”. So, once more I’ll
    ball back on beer-and-orange-loving Padre St.Pio’s advice: “Pray. Hope. Don’t worry!” and “Hand me my weapon
    (the Rosary)!”


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