Francis Calls For Dialogue With Everyone Except Trads While The Bishops Tune Him out

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They’re beginning to ignore him. I doubt that’ll go well for them.




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2 thoughts on “Francis Calls For Dialogue With Everyone Except Trads While The Bishops Tune Him out

  1. Just after Francis became “pope” he made the statement that everyone should read the book “Lord of the World” by Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson. I have read it and can state that Francis had an agenda behind his statement. The book was written in 1907 and is, in my opinion, an extremely accurate account of what is occurring in both the world and in the Church at present. Ironically the story involves the unexpected appearance of a completely unknown person who enters the scene and immediately causes a stir of excitement that spreads to the world in a whirlwind of acceptance. Catholics are the main focus of the story because the Catholic world is in decline as a result of world apathy and apostasy. Humanism has replaced the faith almost entirely. I cannot tell you that this was a foreseen phenomenon of the future at the time the book was written, but it is a prophetic message that characterizes quite accurately all that is occurring both in the world and in the Church today w/ profound truth. The outcome of the story is, as you can imagine, completely predictable. It is a fascinating read and one that will, if you choose to read is like looking at all that has happened and continues to happen in the world and the Church w/clearer understanding; it is well worth the read. All I can say is the bishops in their decision to ignore Francis and his well planned destruction of the Catholic faith is commendable and just. He should be shunned as an act of faith and as an act of complete trust in Christ and in confirmation of their obedience to Christ the King and not to the false obedience that has been occurring for far too long. Francis is an apostate, a Mason, a sodomite and has by his own choices placed himself outside the Catholic faith. As St, Paul in his epistles says, if anyone comes to you w/ a different Gospel than the one we preached to you, DO NOT LISTEN to him.

  2. AMBITION for someone else on the Chair of St.Peter? . . Obviously NOT of the Holy Spirit! . . Narratives? . . made up as one goes forward? . . backward? . . “off the rails”? . . The waning authority of Francis? . . “ENCOUNTER”? . . in the ancient Roman Army context meant: “meet as an ADVERSARY” . . NO “dialogue” possible at that moment! . . Confrontation. To meet UN-expectedly. A sudden squirmish IN BATTLE.

    A term appropriate for us as Church MILITANT, an encounter with CHRIST, interior spiritual Combat. If Christ is the One “encountered”, one would quickly give HIM “unconditional acceptance and respect” . . unless we’re a Peter, honestly declaring “Depart from me (Lord) for I am a sinful man” . . “dialogue” on EQUAL footing?? . . simply doesn’t factor in . . a rather “humbly” arrogant expectation and attitude.

    Sturm, a frothy storm in an over-sized beer stein. Unfulfilled expectations because unrealistic because built on the sand of “I did it MY way”. . Ruled by the Laity ?? . . must be talking denomination #41,001 !!

    Anthony, I really can’t answer your concluding question, “What do you think about . . . ” I’ve side-stepped it. I’ll adhere to your promotion of the five 1st Saturdays, of the nine 1st Fridays, and of Padre St.Pio’s “Hand me my weapon!”

    All these shuffling and kafuffling Churchmen should be asking, “Is MY NAME written in the Book of Life, in Heaven?”
    . . . and, for the life of me, do any of these prelates spend daily time before HIM, whether in the Tabernacle or in the
    Scriptures, like Bishop Sheen did . . FOR SIXTY YEARS ?? Do any of them truly BELIEVE in Christ’s Eucharistic
    Presence? The Covid-19 “pandemic” suggests NOT, what with the closing of Catholic Churches and the mandatory
    masking of the Faithful . . and the ARM’S LENGTH approaching the DIVINE PHYSICIAN at Holy Communion. “He healed A L L diseases”.

    I fully concur with Fr.James Altman’s berating “Bergoglio”, Bishops, and Pastors STARVING the Faithful from the
    Bread of Heaven.


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