The AntiChrist of Population Control

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There’s a kind of madness that grips society today. The antinatalism that we see on display in the West (and aimed squarely at Westerners) is a sign of the sickness of the culture and how it desperately needs a return to Christ.

That is, of course, why the forces of anti-Christ promote anti-natalism so vigorously. But there is another simpler reason: this is about control, pure and simple.




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6 thoughts on “The AntiChrist of Population Control

  1. IF THE ENTIRE population of earth were to gather into one place they could all easily stand on the little island off England called the Isle of Mann….so this population rubbish is just that rubbish. Our problems are political and not populational…the earth has plenty of room to grow enough food for everyone. Gates and Sachs and Soros believe they are gods….they should run the globe and not countries….we, the groundlings shoiuld all be their slaves because they are obviously of a higher evolution than we are. More rubbish. But if they get their agenda through then they will bring in the AntiChrist and he will rule this world for seven years. Afterward Christ will retun to restore His glory to this world and rule over it for a thousand years. You don’t believe me? Of course you don’t, because you have never read a Bible in all your life and won’t. but it is coming and should you live for the next few years you too will see it. And then ask Christ to forgive you…He is always ready.

  2. Because obviously the earth is underpopulated, and the big bad Freemason Lizard Men want to eradicate the last few people on earth!

  3. The growth in population is just not sustainable and there is just no solution. Yes, God said ‘Increase and multiply’ but today this obviously will not work out.However we have to see Catholic prophecy on the coming three days of darkness notably Blessed Anna Maria Tagi, Padre Pio etc.The Protestant considered this umbibical but now accept this saying it’s coming soon with planet x viz Nibru, five to seven times the size of Jupiter coming between the earth and the sun.
    I have a degree in physics and have been well read in astro physics viewing Carl Sagan long back etc. This Nibru discovered in 2016 is already causing Havoc with suns corona mass ejections thus already imperceptibly affecting climate on planet Earth. It’s moves at tremendous speed and leaked NASA data suggests 2030-34.
    Anyhow as Nibru comes nearer, amateur astronomers viewing it’s elliptical path could calculate.Whenever this 72 hrs of darkness occurs , every demon from the pit will be released and create havoc tearing humans apart except those in state of Grace. Then when it’s over over the small remnant Jesus will rule for a thousand years.
    In these last days God is outpouring his holy spirit upon all Christian denominations except those in Heresy. Anyhow however sad these events to come, it solves the population problem…….sigh.

  4. And, how does our “Catholic” leader respond but with he and population controller Jeffrey Sachs reading off the same page following the notorious Amazon Synod.. Lord have mercy.


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