Good News About The Amazon Synod

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Yes, some good news. Cardinal Sarah is in charge of the issue of the so-called amazonian Rite, and the SSPX have put out a call to action.




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2 thoughts on “Good News About The Amazon Synod

  1. Cardinal Sarah being handed the Rite issue might be a mute point. According to another site, his 5 year term (which is appointments in the Roman Curia tend to be lengthwise in traditional practice) is up on Nov 24. He might have been handed this with the ulterior motive of appointing someone else to the position at the end of his 5 year term, before he could rule on it. We must keep watch as we might have been handed a pulled rug on this issue.

  2. Something related to the above . . . Michael Matt of the Remnant Newspaper interviewed Bishop Schneider concerning the Amazon Synod and he had some very consoling words to say. Here is the link:


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