Senior Vatican Cardinal Brags That The Synod’s Goal Is To Change The Faith

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Cardinal Mario Grech is saying the quiet part out loud.




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One thought on “Senior Vatican Cardinal Brags That The Synod’s Goal Is To Change The Faith

  1. So, Anthony, what, according to leading “Sodalists”, IS “the Spirit” saying?
    . . oops! We can’t know yet; everybody is still “listening”.

    In any case, while “the Spirit” is downloading His latest into the minds and
    hearts of the Faithful (?), these “downloads” CANNOT be in contradiction
    to what the SAME (HOLY) Spirit has “downloaded” into the Mind and Heart
    OF THE CHURCH. (cf. St. Ignatius Loyola’s Spiritual Exercises, re. acting
    and living according to “THE MIND OF THE CHURCH”) down the ages —from
    Christ’s handing “HIS Keys” to St. Peter, to the present moment, when all the
    essentials re. Faith and Morals having been collected preserved, AND
    GUARDED . . and continue to be “rigidly” guarded . . against the encroachments
    of Vicars with unstable or erroneous minds. “Frankie” keeps slipping OFF that
    Rock-called-Peter by his NON-Foundation of AMBIGUITY !!

    I mean, there’s “listening” and there’s “listening”! . . in my fast-moving car/ train/
    plane/ truck ? . . subliminally while watching a movie, or sit-com, or podcast?
    . . OR . . while reading and STUDYING the Church’s Catechism(s) and
    authentic documents?

    FRUITFUL “listening” ain’t gonna happen unless I’ve parked my vehicle,
    turned off the engine, hung up the keys, backed AWAY from them,
    settled into my usual restful “Easy” chair, and [ after a nap; I’m a senior ]
    truly heed Our Lord’s [ Mother Mary’s; a Saint’s; my Confessor’s;
    a friend’s ] stipulation to: “BE STILL . . and KNOW that [ I AM WHO AM ]”

    Any other kind of “listening” will be cluttered and stained with all kinds
    of sugared drinks, coffee, or harder stuff . . WHICH also CAN’T STOP
    the Holy Spirit from quietly insisting, and “pestering”, and “Hound of
    Heavening” my distracted restlessness.


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