Sacrilege & Irreverence Celebrated At Catholic Woodstock For WYD2023

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World Youth Day is here, and as usual its a dumpster fire of sacrilege and irreverence.




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One thought on “Sacrilege & Irreverence Celebrated At Catholic Woodstock For WYD2023

  1. When Prairie Grandpa helicopters up from the whole
    scene — W A Y UP ! —he notices the glaring, OVERALL
    A B S E N C E of the P R A C T I S E of Eucharistic
    Adoration ! ! !

    We chatter and clatter on right PAST the abiding
    Foundation of our very existence, “BE STILL !
    AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD”, and its paid-for
    cost of Christ’s Sacrifice on Calvary [ and in each
    Mass ].

    Bishop Athanasius Schneider: The Catholic Mass:
    restoring the CENTRALITY OF GOD to the Mass.

    ” . . The Mass is not ours, even if today many clerics
    think they can manipulate it at will.This is profoundly

    Such an attitude is a reflection of modern times and
    of its DEEPEST SICKNESS, which is anthropocentrism
    [ Man-centredness ], a spirit of autonomy [ “I did it
    MY way” ], and absence of a supernatural perspective
    [ the E N D of time and space, as we experience it
    on earth, and of Eternity as we WILL experience it,
    has been “cancelled” ].

    The idea that we are the one who make the
    Liturgy, and our failure to understand that
    C H R I S T is always the main Protagonist,
    derives from this illness.”


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