Apostate Bishops Propose New Diabolical Mass To Further Destroy The Faith

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Lets include pagan idolatrous practices at the holy sacrifice of the Mass. What could go wrong?






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2 thoughts on “Apostate Bishops Propose New Diabolical Mass To Further Destroy The Faith

  1. Bergoglio has adored the demonness publically. Everything these demon-worshipping pseudo-prelates are doing just brings out the true essence of the Robber Council which has been poisoning parishes, dioceses, and souls for 60 years. God deliver us from it as we scattered sheep worship at the near-equivalent of Mass rocks…

  2. So, do we know what Francis is doing to the Church?
    He’s destroying it !

    Prairie Grandpa can’t fathom ANY of this. It’s too evil!

    It’s the middle of summer. The sun shines BRIGHTLY
    [ blindingly ? ] , trees and flowers are in full bloom, as
    they were when Sr. Edith’s Stein’s train pulled into Auschwitz
    on Aug. 9, 1942, and she and her fellow victims were
    gassed & killed WITHIN THE HOUR of arrival.

    “# 1689: . . . There was a great multitude of people,
    inside and outside the temple, and the torrents from
    the Compassionate Heart of JESUS was flowing upon
    everyone.” ( from a vision given to St. Faustina on
    May 8, 1938)

    “#1690: After Holy Communion today, Jesus said: ‘My
    daughter give me souls. Know that it is your mission
    to WIN SOULS for Me by PRAYER and SACRIFICE and
    by encouraging them to TRUST IN MY MERCY.”
     —see Diary: Divine Mercy In My Soul.

    And this includes winning souls FROM HEAVEN,
    where the Church has declared her to be.

    So, Anthony, what would the CATHOLIC thing be
    to do in all this? . . is Prairie Gramps surprised that
     —in this new rite of “mass” —pagan elements are
    being introduced ? [ NO! . . we can’t forget that Christ
    and His Church are being destroyed . . “to be replaced
    by a false christ and a false church” [ Marian Movement
    of Priests #406g ] a diabolical project OBVIOUSLY
    in progress !! ]

    The CATHOLIC thing to do? . . as you can see,
    Prairie Grandpa always returns to the Divine
    Mercy, instituted as a permanent liturgical commemoration
    by Pope St.John Paul II, on the Sunday after Easter.
    There one is secure in Christ’s [ DIVINE ] Mercy,
    when —with one’s “VESSEL OF TRUST” —one
    DOES trust in that Mercy, available until Time is
    no more. When one refuses to trust, well then one
    leaves oneself open to the FULL IMPACT of His
    Divine Justice after one’s last breath here below.

    It’s available even for Francis, should he be shown
    the “BLACKENED” state of his soul . . Canon Law
    and all Ecclesial Laws notwithstanding.


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