Sabbath Sunday: St. Basil The Great, The Hexaemeron 1

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It’s always interesting listening to or reading homilies by the Fathers of the Church. This is especially true of Doctors of the Church. St. Basil the Great is one such notable figure. In my video below I provide an introduction to the Seraphic Doctor. In short, however, it’s noteworthy the absolutely different level his homily was on compared the the soft vapid homilies we receive in 99% of parishes today.

Long before I embraced traditional Catholicism I assumed that the laity were capable of hearing harder and more complex homilies than what we get today. My hope is that presenting this homily works to prove that point. If you’ve ever felt like the typical Sunday homily rarely addresses Sacred Scripture or Sacred Tradition in a meaningful way then I think you’ll like this homily.



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