Rome Warns The US Bishops to Fall In Line

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Yes, to fall in line with error and heterodoxy. And here I was thinking that the American bishops were part of the problem. I mean, they are, but still.



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7 thoughts on “Rome Warns The US Bishops to Fall In Line

  1. Wow to those who burden us with laws yet provide no relief nor carry any burden on themselves.

    Ref: Luke11:46

  2. The Bishops of the United States are being tested by God. It is either follow Francis or follow God. That is the clear division and the clear decision.

    Given the highly political and weak faith of most Bishops they I do not expect they will challenge Pope Francis but accept his request in word but not in deed. If the Bishops were to strictly follow Pope Francis in his political ideas they would lose 50% of their congregations. While we can’t give our Bishops accolades for the defense of the faith we do acknowledge that they know bad business ideas when they see them.

    1. I have made that point in comments I’ve made elsewhere, thinking that if the clergy are given as much encouragement as we can honestly give, they will perhaps act with more confidence and strength in the face of so much criticism from other places. For that opinion I am called “a heretic”, a “priestess worshipper”, a “pachamama-lover”, an “anti-Catholic”, etc. I will defend our clergy as long as they teach truth, even if they aren’t out there publicly seeking attention for their teaching. I believe many are too busy running their parishes and dioceses to be taking on every critic who comes against them just because they are Catholic clergy not worthy of respect just because they are Catholic clergy. They might eventually prove unworthy of trust, but until then….

      1. Teresa Baker 11/15/2019 at 2:16 am

        “I will defend our clergy as long as they teach truth.” I agree.

        Our clergy avoids the truth. They do not teach sexual moral truth about contraception, homosexuality etc. They will not admit there is a huge homosexual problem in the Church. They do not preach much about confession. The lack of teaching is clear in that most Catholics practice contraception, don’t go to confession and don’t believe in the Real Presence. Generally speaking our clergy does not do its God given job.

  3. I don’t know why I am continually shocked by Pope Francis, but I suppose it’s because he’s so un-popelike. Every time I think we’ve reached the bottom he proves me wrong. I have a feeling it’s not going to improve despite our prayers for him. But I keep praying and hoping.

  4. Everyone whether clergy or laity has to fall in line with the truth. While reading messages given by Jesus by and large to a Lady of the Greek Orthodox Church, God the Father says: Defend the truth with your life if need be. This sentence is the only sentence underlined in all the messages received by her. The Catholic Church is in the truth, Our Lady says in the messages given by her to one Father Gobbi. Elsewhere she says :The Catholic Church is in the fullness of the truth.
    Let’s put it this way, clergy and laity of other religions like the Greek Orthodox Church too are her children though they venerate her as Saint Mary.They are in partial truth but certainly true Christians.For deficits in doctrine those saved face purification in Purgatory.
    So the Catholic on the street has to be alert, if sin/heresy enters the Church one should follow the truth as laid down by the Church fathers, for example gay lifestyle has entered some some Anglican Churches and gay priests have been ordained. This grave sin cannot be accepted by the Church faithful but sadly may be accepted by the unfaithful. Also heresy like Jehovah’s witnesses, seventh day Adventist, Mormons etc that Jesus is not God, Holy Spirit does not exist,there is no such thing as Hell etc can never be accepted. Satan and his deceiving demons are now going all out to deceive with a view to weaken the soul and do their best to get the soul to Hell. All Christians, Beware!!


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