The German and American Bishops And The Destruction Of The Faith

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The German Bishops are seeking to secularize the Church and the American Bishops can’t even agree on abortion anymore.




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One thought on “The German and American Bishops And The Destruction Of The Faith

  1. I remember the words of Jesus to a Holy person ” They dont go there and they don’t allow others to go too” We, the others, the Catholic on the street have to be double careful of all such schism, heresy, accepting mortal sins as ok eg gay behaviour etc etc. Not being careful could be entering Hell with them leading the pack.
    Mother Mary in her messages to a Holy lady of the Greek Orthodox Church replies to her question ” Who goes into Hell? ” ” From Cardinals to children go into hell”
    We can easily,easily see Cardinals, Bishops entering Hell today, the way demons are deceiving them.Careful,we don’t follow them.But children ? I saw a video on YouTube of a pastor who founded four churches as a consequence of a serious accident where he had a near death experience and found himself in Hell. Here he met his former Teenage friends, one Freedie and others who shouted at him …..don’t, don’t come here…..


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