Priests REBEL AGAINST THE CHURCH While Fr Pavone Is Unjustly Punished

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Gay priests gonna gay priest




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2 thoughts on “Priests REBEL AGAINST THE CHURCH While Fr Pavone Is Unjustly Punished

  1. Where the rubber hits the tarmac, or the road, where the leather,
    the runners, the sandals hit the floor, the sidewalk, and the malls
    the NORMAL precept for guarding one’s chastity, virginity, or
    modesty has been self-restraint.

    Specifically: “custody of the senses”, especially of the eyes.

    With the tsunamies of digital images churning away ceaselessly
    at our eyesight —”chewing gum for the eyes” as someone once
    defined television —the person consciously living for ETERNAL
    Salvation would almost be led to take a VOW of Chastity, or,
    in this case, a VOW of perpetual fasting from the media.

    “Bl. Carlo Acutis, pray for us !!”

    1. Post Script: Returning to Dale Ahlquist & Chesterton
      once again: ” (Jesus) is the truth that is still under
      attack. Chesterton says, ‘Opponents of Christianity
      will believe anything except Christianity’ (Illustrated
      London News, Jan/ 1906). But the people who attack
      the Church do not destroy her. They only manage
      to destroy everything else. ‘Men who begin to fight
      the Church for the sake of freedom and humanity
      end by flinging away freedom and humanity if only
      they may fight the Church’ (Orthodoxy, Complete
      Works, 1:344). They have taken sides with the
      man who claimed not to be taking sides: Pontius
      Pilate. They should instead be taking sides with
      the man that both he and they have condemned.”
       —The Complete Thinker, ch. 2 “Truth and its
      Discontents”, pg. 43 (Kindle).


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