2 thoughts on “Canonize Benedict XVI? Already? Plus Cardinal Zen Praised Benedict

  1. A meditation: Saints are raised up in clusters, according to
    one source some years ago. In our day, I believe, Cardinal
    Zen, Pope Benedict XVI, Bishop Schneider, Archbishop
    Viganò, and many unseen Religious and Lay people (un-
    numbered Catholics in China & in all continents —a
    “cloud of witnesses” —grace the Church and the World
    with the ferment of Suffering. “There is no love without
    suffering” (Ste. Thérèse).

    Your well-considered proposal, Anthony, to “Return To
    Tradition”, to the Church’s PROVEN former time-vetted
    DELAY of Beatifications and of Canonizations, is
    realistic and needed.

    Re. Pope Paul VI, yes, he did have at least one devotee.
    Being this man’s chauffeur (mid ’70s; Windsor/ Detroit), I
    was witness to Mr. Ouellette’s ardent love for Pope Paul,
    shown both in his conversation and in his framed photo
    of the Pope —a JOY-filled face —placed prominently in
    the living room of his home.

    Heedful, vigilant, prudent ” . . to be cautious”, these the
    Church had been during past Pontificates, when HOLY
    Popes —combative, wise, keenly aware of global
    events and “currents” within the Church —reigned in
    true Sovereign fashion these past two+ centuries.
    But today ?

    If the Vatican, rather than being prudently cautious,
    has traded Unity, Holiness, Catholicity, and Mission for
    political astuteness (by “stacking the deck” with pre-
    ferred future conclave “hopefuls”) well then, the Laity
    had better RESTORE HOLY CAUTION, with hours
    spent before the Blessed Sacrament . . like St.
    John Paul II, and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

    An appointed and REAL “Devil’s Advocate” still
    remains a win-win component of the process.
    And if the candidate up for canonization IS a Saint 
    —in the “Eyes of God”, i.e. objectively —Devil’s
    Advocates will only CONFIRM that reality.

    Still, people need the whole range of evidence
    of a Canonization Process to confirm the
    candidate’s lived heroic virtue and Holiness.

    On the altar of Mother St. Teresa of Calcutta’s
    chapel, where her Sisters prayed each morning
    before going out to the streets, were five words:
    “You did it to Me”. And it was St.Robert Bellarmine
    who declared that, “Come the final judgement,
    the whole syllabus will be on CHARITY.”

    It seems to this observer that Benedict XVI’s
    kindness and gentleness to each who came before
    him —regarded as Jesus in so many “disguises” —
    was the meekness and gentleness of the Lord,
    spelled out in the Litany of the Sacred Heart.

    I’m all for the former 30 years wait before canon-
    izing a Candidate. Let’s see what comes into
    focus after such a wait, when many of us THEN
    will be focussing on our own particular judgement,
    having, like Pope Benedict XVI, passed through
    “death’s dark door”.



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