Podcast: Violence Against Christians Is On The Rise

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A pagan lunatic commits mass murder against Muslims and Christians get the blame. Because of course we do.

Not a peep about the crimes in Nigeria. Barely a peep about a bad priest getting murdered. Not much said about an assault on a priest in Montreal that was probably fueled by the media’s anti-Catholic narrative. If you’re tired of this yet you haven’t seen anything yet.






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One thought on “Podcast: Violence Against Christians Is On The Rise

  1. Unfortunate in a way, for this generation knows not what they do; yet now comes the opportunity to show God’s anointing grace when we are persecuted for our faith in Him. Jesus said the world will hate His followers just as they hated Him, yet being willing to suffer for His sake, we are closer to our salvation, and we are given the opportunity to be a witness for the world to how much He loves us. I’ve long known that salvation comes at a high price, yet Who better to suffer for, and with, than He Who gave all for the gates of heaven to be opened once again.


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