Podcast: Modernism On The March In Australia And Beyond

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Make no mistake: democratizing the Church is Modernism, as is Catholics promoting institutions like socialist economics, economic liberalism, and the values of the world broadly.

It’s an unpopular statement to make but Catholics need to start standing against the values of the world, even if we benefit from those values in the short term. We see it in the call for integral ecology, as well as in calls for the Church to be more egalitarian in its structure and governance. This path only leads to perdition and no Catholic should be party to Modernism.





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2 thoughts on “Podcast: Modernism On The March In Australia And Beyond

  1. Could you explain what a plenary conference is? I hear the term on occasion, but I have no clue. Thank you.

    1. They’re just another kind of Synod. Plenary councils are distinguishable from the regular Synod in that the laity get a lot of say in what is decided. What could possibly go wrong with that?


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