Podcast: Understanding The Manifesto of Faith

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Cardinal Muller released the Manifesto of Faith late last week and kicked up a hornet’s nest. This document is best understood in the context of the Modernist crisis.

Cardinal Muller’s document is a reaffirmation of the most basic teachings of the Catholic faith that have been under implicit attack by secularists and Modernists who have ascended to positions of power in the Church today. A generally good idea to remember is this: if you take a position on any issue and the secular media is on your side, as a cleric in the Church you should take pause. Rarely do the values of the world and the Church coincide.

But that’s the thing: people forget that we, as Catholics, are at war with the World. It’s not a violent war, it’s a war involving principalities and powers, aka, Demons and the supernatural, and they run the world. Remember that when it comes to working out issues related to the faith and the world.



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