Podcast: The Bishops Meeting and Damage Control

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We’ve been told not to expect much from the coming Bishops Meeting from February 21-24. For once I agree with the people running the Vatican these days.

Don’t be fooled by the likely laicization of Ted McCarrick. Yea, it’s a good thing he’s getting laicized but don’t get distracted by it. The Vatican is in full damage control mode as they try to cope with greater numbers of people around the world waking up to the mess of the Church. If you need any further evidence of that, look at the reactions to the pope’s recent Abu Dhabi catastrophe or the almost joyful response to Cardinal Muller’s document. That’s how far we’ve fallen: we’re happy beyond belief when a prince of the Church publicly has to remind the Holy Father what Catholicism 101 is, and that’s a tragedy.




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