Podcast: Cardinal Farrell Gets A Big Promotion Thanks To Uncle Ted

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I have a challenge for you: whenever a big story breaks in the establishment Catholic media, pay attention to the names you hear.You will almost certainly hear the same dozen or so names bandied about by the media in connection to the highest offices of power in Vatican City. Think about that for a while.

We keep being told that there is no ‘lavender mafia’ running the Vatican. But we do see the same dozen or so people involved in all of the major offices of power. Why is that? Could it be that there is some sort of ….Purple Cabal, or Skittles League….running the show right now? And why would the pope appoint McCarrick’s protege to replace him? Doesn’t that send at least mixed messages? Kind of makes you wonder.




A “New Bomb” in the Vatican? Italian Daily Teases CDF Dossier on Cardinal Kevin Farrell



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