Is Schism Already Here? Another Baptism Fail Rocks The Church

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How many invalid baptisms have been done? And how is this a sign of two different religions occupying the same Church space?





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3 thoughts on “Is Schism Already Here? Another Baptism Fail Rocks The Church

  1. He’s not clueless. He’s mendacious. We have to stop pretending that we are obliged to lie for them “in charity” and pretend that we don’t see them lying, with malice, continually. The priest who used the erroneous formula confessed his mistake, and it’s charitable to give HIM the benefit of the doubt, but it is the OPPOSITE of charity to call Stowe, who knows what the faith is and requires, and HATES IT, merely “clueless” or “ignorant”.

  2. Anthony, thank you for this very much needed clarification and “un packing” of detailed essentials. The reality of gross ignorance on
    every level, on-going pell-mell without braking, leads me to conclude that —quoting Exorcist Fr. Chad Ripperger —even the
    ordinary Joe and Jane’s “HORROR OF SUFFERING” is SO DEEP that the quest for and the needed LABOUR of true LEARNING has little chance of growing “grass roots” so long as the age-old adage —TRUE Knowledge “makes a BLOODY ENTRANCE” —isn’t factored in as a “without which youv’e got
    nothing”. It’s hard! The labour needed for study and true learning must be founded on Love, i.e. SACRIFICIAL Love . . and “determined determination” (St. Teresa of Avila). Not on “spontaneous”, sound-byte infected, juvenile sloganeering . .
    all of which thrive only in a buzzing crowd context. But . . silence
    and solitude are quite another medium, the precise medium for
    learning, that very “leisure time” which Philosopher Josef Pieper
    concludes as essential for any and all real truth and wisdom.

  3. Anthony,

    I had the “privilege” of meeting Bishop John Stowe a few years back. My mother in law’s parish is Holy Cross Church in Jackson, KY. A few years back, we were at the church when they had a formal ceremony ending the care of the mission church by the Franciscans and beginning the care by the Glenmary Home Missioners. Bishop Stowe was presiding. After the ceremony, I wanted to strike up a conversation with the bishop since I knew very little about him. I made a statement to him that I didn’t know that religious order priests could become bishops. I always thought that diocesan priests become bishops. Bishop Stowe said nothing. He looked at me with an expression that shouted “you are so stupid that I cannot waste my time talking to you”. He walked away. Granted, this is my recollection and it my not have transpired exactly that way, but that is the impression he left with me.


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