Independent Reporting Points To Trouble Coming For The FSSP

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More outlets are confirming the reporting out of Rome that the FSSP are next.




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3 thoughts on “Independent Reporting Points To Trouble Coming For The FSSP

  1. The end game is simple………….turn the church into a network of social workers, who like their, secular counterparts contribute nothing to the betterment of society. Their failed programs are testament to thier Godless world view.

  2. Agree with Steven about the stated aims and goals of “newchurch” ushering in all the values of the world. It appears that the de-facto 3rd Vatican Council has on its to do list married priests, priestesses/deaconesses, removing any language condemning sodomy, remove any requirements for receiving annulments… it’s the story of the woman caught in adultery who Jesus saves applied without His remonstration to “sin no more.” Or rather, you needn’t worry about sin because there is no sin other than believing in sin.

    Last NO Mass I attended the homily focused as it usually does about how terrible we are at evangelizing and serving our neighbors without the obvious recognition that if there is no sin there is no Good News, nor a Savior. I agree that we are generally lousy at evangelization but we as Catholics don’t recognize what we possess in the Church and Tradition so we can’t effectively pass it along. Most Catholics I know have internalized the “me and Jesus” notion quite common in America that removes any desire to dig deeper into the Faith because “it’s all good.” The emptiness of the mainline NO Mass compared with the crowds at TLM or reverent NO are stunning. There is and always will be a natural repulsion to watered down Christianity which asks very little, expects very little and so reaps very little. So ultimately I will say that the current hierarchy wants no Church properly understood, no revelation, just a happy oblivion. Pardon my diatribe.

  3. What is the modernist end game?

    Nothing more or less than the Church becoming no more than an NGO upholding the values of the world in things “under the belt,” but also the elitist economic structure the globalists want to impose on us (where they happily tell us we will own nothing-not even ourselves-and be happy with our chains).

    To that end, even the sacraments themselves must be invalidated, starting with the Mass. That can be done with a change to something like changing the consecration from “this is my body” to “this is the body…”

    As usual I’m not even the first commentator to speculate in this direction.


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