Guest Submission: A Poem by Eddie

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While dreaming one night, Mary was there, sadly crying.

I asked Her why, She said, half Her babies were dying.

Be fruitful and multiply, She said was God’s only command.

We didnt obey, now our foundations made of sand.

She said to get ready, for a new world order.

There will be no escape, no crossing a border.

We all will be taught, who not to offend.

Her Son’s church is the target, so don’t even pretend.

They know this Truth, is the only true ideal.

They must destroy it, and it will be done with great zeal.

The martyrs can’t stop it, as they spill all their blood.

It will flow and flow, causing the second great flood.

But all that I want is to stop Her from crying.

So let’s get Her message, and stop Her babies from dying.



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