Francis Slaps The FSSP With New Restrictions

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Are we surprised that he is undermining his promise given in February?




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6 thoughts on “Francis Slaps The FSSP With New Restrictions

  1. P.S. “We must not wish anything other than what happens from moment to moment, ALL THE WHILE, however, EXERCISING OURSELVES IN GOODNESS. And to refuse to exercise oneself in goodness, and to insist upon simply AWAITING WHT GOD MIGHT SEND, would be simply to tempt God.” –St. Catherine of Genoa

    1. The servile obedience which parodies Christian obedience only leaves evil undisturbed, but it is not a definitive imperative of the Church, but rather a counsel for people in trials, not those under direct assault from malicious abusers of ecclesial authority. It is Quietism and ungodly to excuse malice; far worse to use it as an excuse for the ungodly.

      1. Oops. An alternate understanding here. Who’s “excusing malice” here? Certainly not the Genoese Saint . . who is
        also a veteran visitor to Souls in Purgatory. ” . . to exercise oneself in goodness . . ” INCLUDES calling out abuses
        of the Hierarchy . . “The purpose of Eccliastical Freemasonry [BY “Bishops in mitres”!] is to destroy Christ and His Church to be replaced by an idol, a false christ and a false church.” (Marian Movement of Priests, #406g, 1989). Well,
        that doesn’t rule out true militant Catholics (like yourself!) reminding and badgering these Ecclesial perpetrators with
        the unchangeable Deposit of Faith. St.Peter, the Rock, IS “Rigid”. It is those who, like the Saint of Genoa —and several current apologists point out —insist upon simply AWAITING WHAT GOD MIGHT SEND” who need to be
        drawn out of their comfortable “rabbit hole” to face “the Hunter” . . and we don’t mean that Biden guy.

  2. Surely Francis knows —or at least knows OF —Canon #902? Then, Anthony, you begin with this new “reminder”, of
    Francis hardly being noticed by others. He’s wearing ’em down, like the good Latino Liberator he’s always been. Boy! . . for this naive Grandpa observer, it is difficult to countenance actual Evil actually proceeding in the life of the actual
    Church of Christ. Best to done our fighting gear, “Helmut”, “Breastplate”, “Gird our loins”. Snap out of all dozy ho-hum
    ambiguous meanings and understandings. Welcome Ott, Spirago, and the Roman Catechism. Chrism Mass? In our
    former Diocese —we moved “out west”, to another Province, for reasons of Grand Children —The higher-up Laity vied to attend that Monday Mass after Easter Sunday. A “really big show” for my domestic point of view. We never attended . . wouldn’t have found a pew opening anyway. Why can’t the Oils be blessed for that year by the Bishop
    and those Priest who can attend? Once blessed, always blessed. Apostles of the Eucharistic Real Presence are
    more the real NEED, everywhere. St. Julian Peter Eymard, and you Hosts of Eucharstic Saints, pray for us!

  3. There should be no compromise with occupied modernist Rome. Celebration of the novus ordo under any circumstances is unacceptable. Those FSSP priests that do are traitors to Tradition and simply can not be trusted any further. Appeasement of evil always backfires and harms the good. The command must be refused categorically regardless of the reprisals that may come from the heretics. How is that for rigid pachamama’s pope Jorge?


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