The Response Of The Jesuits To Elon Musk Buying Twitter Is Revealing

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The Jesuits are serving their masters in the regime.





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2 thoughts on “The Response Of The Jesuits To Elon Musk Buying Twitter Is Revealing

  1. NO fan of Francis here, but I submit that he may have been referring to Christ’s parable of the pharisee and the publican in Luke 18. The pharisee boasts how devout and observant he is, while the publican strikes his breast and asks for mercy. Funny thing is it seems the Trads are the only ones beating their breasts, while the Novus Ordos boast how much God loves THEM, and how they are going straight to geaven.

  2. Anthony, regarding your first quote from the recent Angelus message by Francis, you bring me —having survived
    the many changes since the death of Pope Pius XII —to the old expression, applied to phoney Catholics, “Holier-
    Than-Thou”. I’ve no evidence of Francis being familiar with such maxims in English. However, he does seem
    to be “unpacking” the false spirituality IMPLIED by this “1950’s” well-worn maxim . . at least to this WWII-vintage
    Prairie Grandpa.

    So, what ABOUT a “strong” Faith? What ABOUT presumption?

    A truly “strong” CATHOLIC Faith —i.e. LIVING the Sacramental Life [ all the MORE difficult and “challenging” since Covid-19 & its endless “variants” and “boosters”, PLUS the two and more years of serious neglegence and abuse by many Bishops through both their inaction and their slavish adherence to (illegal!) CIVIL restrictions] —would rule out presumption. How so? Honest, up-front, regular Sacramental Confessions.

    Being a “follower” of this, that, or other blog, podcast, site, or digital media niche, is NOT YET BEING & LIVING
    LIKE a follower of Jesus Christ, i.e. for Catholics, living the Sacramental Life of His Church, the Catholic Church.
    However much current Media Culture may have watered down, “tweaked”, or beclouded THE CONTENT of the Sacred Deposit of Faith, we —at our key-board finger tips —have instant access to the Catechism: Tridentine; Roman; Francis Spirago’s exhaustive “The Catechism Explained”; Ludwig Ott’s exhaustive “unpacking” of Faith & Morals; even St. John Paul II’s Catechism of the Catholic Church.

    Given our Catholic Layman and Woman’s responsibility to study up on our Faith, “sky’s the limit” when it comes
    to making an acquired habit of that daily homework . . “until 40 minutes after the Devil knows we’re dead.” In the words of G.K.Chesterton (paraphrased), the Creed [ Apostle’s; Nicene; Athanasian] gives us “a handful” of clear articles of Faith by which we must live. Outside of, but dependent on, these, “sky’s still the limit” as to questiongs we’re keen on debating with friends and enemies or mulling over in our heart of hearts.


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