Francis’ Heretic Friends Are Bragging About What They Are Going To Do To You!

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3 thoughts on “Francis’ Heretic Friends Are Bragging About What They Are Going To Do To You!

  1. What did Papa Montini call Bugnini that was “worse than Stonecutter”?

  2. The deep-breathing “priest” is a further example of my worst nightmare — that I would wake up again in the 1960s — have been realized. “Where’s the fire?” says the “priest” in the clip. Well I can see someone in the clip who is utterly flaming.

  3. So very well said, Anthony, so very well-said! ” . . private inclination or arbitrary choice.” ?? But
    that is precisely what the WHOLE Novus Ordo project is, definitely PRIVATE AND ARBITRARY,
    when placed before the millennia-rooted practise and Tradition of THE MASS OF THE AGES !

    Bugnini’s Bungle would forcefully be seen as such, to the currently reigning bevy of Modernists,
    if —somehow, in some way —their taste buds and dining habits could be cut back to the frugal
    fare of local poor or tenant farmer . . . for at least one year.

    Surfeited pleasures have rendered these fêted persona and their Ecclesiastical-Stakeholder den of thieves into mystical vomit before the Face of the ongoing Suffering & Crucified Christ.


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