Francis Goes After Another Innocent Group Of Nuns

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He’s targeted a lot of religious since 2013, this is just the first group since Traditionis Custodes to get targeted.


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2 thoughts on “Francis Goes After Another Innocent Group Of Nuns

  1. I would hope that the priest preparing for the suppression of the FSSP would consider how much he is NEEDED among those in the SSPX, who maybe get one mass a month. Is it simply that he can’t admit the FSSP was mistaken from the start in their assessment of the situation 33 years ago? How is going and celebrating house masses — and having no further community life — helpful? It was observed in a recent SSPX video that priests above all need the communal life of other priests to be able to fulfill their vocation effectively & to build up the faithful as the Body of Christ.

  2. Just briefly, what would that look like; “underground” masses being held in fully prepared barns? Just curious.


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