FSSP Laity Ask Bishop Who Banned Their Masses For Dialogue

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This might work, and asking Francis to defend and uphold the faith might work too, right?


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Text of the letter from the listener:

Further Message to be Given Throughout the Catholic Community

Catholic brethren, I have given this letter, a successive continuation of my letter to our archdiocese, to Mr. Anthony Stine of Return to Tradition for the sake and purposes of giving my own personal opinion of this recent motion, and request to all the viewers of this channel, and other Catholic accounts on Youtube or Twitter or Instagram or Facebook or Spotify or other social media formats.

It should be no surprise that this is indeed a troublesome time we are living in. But we never know or understand the gravity of how big of a surprise this is until it comes into the neighborhood… even through your front door. The Cardinal of our archdiocese, both of which I will not disclose out of respect for his and our own privacy, has written a letter to the archdiocese on the 1st of September that he intends to implement Bergoglio’s motu proprio Traditionis Custodes onto the five different Latin Mass locations within the archdiocese. Two of them, one run by the FSSP and the other run downtown, remain in good standing. Two more are restricted to only 2 Masses a month. And finally, the parish community which I serve as a lay altar server, is going to be abrogated after the 30th of September 2021 Anno Domini.

I had written a letter to His Eminence, and I have since given this same letter via email to Mr. Anthony Stine, both the original transcript and an abridged transcript so he could share it on YouTube and his website returntotradition.org. Along with that, I gave him the Cardinal’s original letter in which he addresses his intent to enforce the Vatican’s motu proprio. And finally, I have given him this letter which you are hearing or reading right now. In this letter, I wish to share with you my own personal opinion about this recent motion and a request to all Catholics throughout the world, especially those who are listening or reading in, and who are suffering what we here in the archdiocese are suffering right now.

When I first heard about His Eminence’s letter and read it, I was deeply saddened. What he is suggesting is that he terminates the Latin Mass community I go to and where I serve as an acolyte and thurifer, and decides to transfer us to the smaller neighboring FSSP parish. Now I like that little church that he’s sending us to (in fact, it is very sentimental to me as it was where I first got to visit and pray the Latin Mass two years ago.) But his decision was not very realistic in my opinion. Nor is it prudent. The parish is similar in size as ours, and most of their Masses are packed already. Not only that, there is a fire hazard in the church as a result of the crowded space. This decision is not only a danger to us, but also a danger to everyone in the neighboring parish. Indeed, the language of one of the parish council members is that this gesture was harshly “dismissive”.

Not long before that, we see that the Novus Ordo Archbishop of Chicago abrogated the Leonine Prayers (the Ave Maria and the Invocation to St. Michael) from being said out loud at the conclusion of Mass. And this all succeeds not only Traditionis Custodes, but also Beergoglio’s recent heretical and blasphemous assertion that the Ten Commandments are not absolutes. We are witnessing the international crisis of the Church unfolding to such an extent that the entire Catholic world has, and is feeling the effects of this crisis. And the strangest thing is that I am not surprised.

We have been warned about this multiple times throughout the ages.

From a Biblical standpoint, this is something that is to be expected. Our Lord has said in Sacred Scripture, that we would be hated for His sake (St. Matthew 10: 22), and how troublesome the times will be when the end of the era comes around and how dreadful and just His judgement shall be over all, since it will be upon all to which this judgement befalls upon (St. Matthew 24-25).

And even when we factor in the modern prophets and the apparitions of Our Heavenly Mother, Her Divine Son’s warnings only become more clear, and indeed, more vivid.

Our Lady of Good Success foretold the evils of the Stonecutter Society and Cult.
She said again at La Salette that Rome would be usurped by the Antichrist and that the Church would be in eclipse.

She foretold in the 3rd Secret of Fatima, as per the insinuations of Sr. Lucia, the testimonies of Frs. Gommar dePauw and Malachi Martin and Cardinals Ciappi and Oddi, and various alleged texts of the Secret itself, that the Great Apostasy would begin at the top.

And this has given me some conclusions concerning this current crisis. Some that even a fellow adherent of Tradition may dismiss as scandalous, even heretical. But this conviction within my soul, not my mind alone but within my soul, whenever I pray, and whenever I read more about this issue, becomes more and more clear as the days go by and my soul dives deeper and deeper in fortitude by the supplementation provided by our most Holy Faith. And it is that the revolutions of old are now in full swing. Just as there were 5 wounds of Our Blessed Lord, Our Church has been pierced by 5 wounds of revolution. The first wound was the Revolution of Doctrine, the revolution that succeeded the Bubonic Plague: being the Renaissance, the Humanist revolution, and of course the Protestant revolution. The second wound was the Revolution Against the Rulers of Christian Europe, with the French Revolution in particular. The third wound was the Revolution Against the State, which was headed by the Communist and Freemasonic societies, and yes, even the Talmudic and Cabbalistic sons of the Pharisees and Sadducees, as revealed by Mr. Dennis Wise in his documentaries and Mrs. Bella Dodd in her testimonies. The fourth wound was the Revolution Against the Culture, the cultural revolution where perversions of modesty exploded after the Holy War of Europe and the World where the Faithful Leaders of Europe in allegiance with the Patriots and Traditionalists of Japan were defeated by the Communists of Russia and the Pagans of Britain and the Stonecutters of America. As a result, the victors’ nations were transformed by the growth of liberalism and false progressivism which has shaped our modern culture to such an extent that many do not think much of it. And now every country suffers because of the repercussions of the loss of these revolutions, which were the Hands of Divine Providence allowing this as a test of Faith on the Faithful, and as punishment on the world.

Now the fifth wound was inflicted by Our Church after she was already struck. Our Lord was punctured by the spear of Longinus after He had already died. And in like manner, His Mystical Bride was afflicted in a similar manner before she was forced into hiding. And that was with the hiding of Our Lady’s messenger, Sr. Lucia, and the forced dismissal of St. Peter’s last lawful perpetual successor before the Vatican Revolution, who I now firmly believe was perhaps Pope Pius XII, or his secret successor.

It has been confirmed that Sr. Lucia dos Santos of Fatima was replaced by an imposter as proven by the commissions over at sisterlucyimposter.org run by Dr. Peter Chojnowski. Even Guinness Book World Record holding forensic scientist Dr. Lois Gibson was commissioned, and she along with all the other forensic scientists and doctors agree that Sr. Lucia dos Santos of Fatima was replaced by an imposter some time between 1957 and 1967. And she was one of only two people, she and the Pope, who by 1960 was obligated to tell the world about the contents of the Third Secret. And she was suppressed, perhaps even hidden away… or worse.

And then there is Pope Pius XII. Mr. Anthony Stine has revealed that Pius XII was the Pope who was most likely the true Pope of Fatima, by his strong adhesion to the Blessed Virgin and his own visions of the Miracle of the Sun which prompted him to publicly use his office to enforce the Dogmatic Definition of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. And his death was on October 9, 1958, just short of 1960. Many people claim that the Pope was making a steady recovery, and that his death was unexpected. Some people have started to suggest that the Pope was poisoned (as was Pope’s Clement XIII and Clement XIV). There is even concern about the sudden deaths of Cardinals Costantini and Mooney whose deaths were within 16 days of Pius XII’s death. But what is even more interesting than this are the events surrounding his death, particularly his burial and the conclave on October 25-28, seem to coincide with the events of Fatima and the Bolshevik Revolution. Pope Pius XII died on the 9th of October, but by October 13th, the services of his burial were taking place. A seer of the Miracle of Fatima, who’s episcopal ministry started at the same time as the Miracle of the Sun, and who saw the Miracle at the Vatican, was being honoured post-mortem during the 40th anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun (1 generation for some Biblical contexts is 40 years). And what is even more interesting is that The October Revolution of the Bolsheviks shortly succeeded Fatima on November 8th of the Western Gregorian calendar, which translates to October 25th on the Eastern Julian calendar. During the October Revolution, many churches were sacked and the hierarchy was overthrown. And guess what happened in 1958 on October 25th? The conclave to pick Pacelli’s successor. No one alive knows for sure what happened in the 4-day conclave, but eyewitness accounts and FBI documentation (Paulo Scortesco, Vatican Noble Guard member Franco Bellegrandi, Fr. Malachi Martin, and FBI Consultant Dr. Paul L. Williams) suggests that Giuseppe Cardinal Siri was elected as Pope Gregory XVII, but because of Freemasonic infiltration in the conclave (as per the testimony of Bellegrandi in his book “Nichitaroncalli” and Fr.  Martin in one of his interviews) or the French cardinals’ annulment of the conclave out of fear of the Communists hunting down many Catholics behind the Iron Curtain (as attests Dr. Williams) Siri was coerced to step down out of fear. This is a thesis that I hold to be the likely explanation as to what happened, but that is still an uncertain unknown. What is not an uncertain unknown is that there is evidence of some sort of communication surrounding the conclave that hindered the election of a lawful successor, and made way for the election of Cardinal Roncalli to the office of the Papacy. Roncalli, like many Bolsheviks, was friends with many Freemasons and was suspected of being one himself. And then you factor in the length of the Revolution of 1917 and the institution of the evil Soviet Union in 1922 where the revolutionaries overthrew the Russian government and state and replaced it with the Soviet state, with the Conclave of 1958 and the solidification of the Revolution in the Church under Giovanni Battista Montini with his election in 1963, marked the beginning of the eviction of the Church from the Vatican and an illegitimate Ape of the Church (as Archbishop Fulton J. sheen predicted) being instituted in its place. While the Holy Tsar and his family were executed, the successor of Pacelli (likely Siri) was silenced and was forced to flee his duty just as St. Peter himself fled our Lord during His Passion.

Both Sr. Lucia dos Santos and Pope Pius XII, along with his secret successor, were out of the picture. And with that elimination follows with the fifth wound, the Revolution Against the Body of Christ. The revolution within the Church. The Second Vatican Council. There is no need to introduce this wretched council. We know what happened here. And we’ve seen what fruits that “council” has reaped. But what we do not know is how this parallels with Our Lord’s Passion. With the 5 wounds being mentioned, we see that Holy Mother Church has now been eclipsed just as Our Lady of La Salette predicted, as the faithful of the Church are now continuing the Church as if under the darkness of night. She is now covered within her tombstone, placed there by the servants of the Leviathan at the behest of the pastors of the Ape of the Church just as the Romans put away the Body of Our Lord at the behest of the Jewish priests. Even the few steadfast holders of Tradition still within the Vatican, such as Cardinals Burke and Sarah and even Pope Benedict XVI (the only post-Vatican II Pope who I surely believe to be a true and faithful successor to St. Peter, and is still the incumbent Pope) are not pushing the force of influence of Tradition on the Church, as they and others are now silent or on the defensive rather than the offensive. And now we who remained faithful to the Traditions of the Church are now hiding in fear, just as the disciples did after the burial of Christ. At least, this is what I have come to understand.

Oh how dreadful are these times that we live in! We all seek peace and resolution in this international crisis, yet we as a Human Race do not call upon the Name of the Keeper of Divine Providence for His pardon and His mercy. This continual foreword of the end of this era is only revealing itself to be such: the foreword of the end of this era. This era will mark the end of the modern world, where according to some alleged texts of the 3rd Secret of Fatima, and what Our Lady said to Sr. Agnes Sasagawa of Akita, that this chastisement that is to come will be “worse than the Deluge (the Great Flood during the time of Noe)” and that “the living will envy the dead”. If we were to know the gravity of this situation, we would do everything to get to heaven as one Saint said. Yet we as a human species do not utilize the resources we have at our disposal, save the few of us who are sons and daughters of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

Which brings me to my request. As someone who has witnessed what is perhaps the worst thing that could happen to a Catholic, similar to the Mexicans being suppressed of the Mass by the Calles, we now have the servants of the Ape of the Church suppressing the same Church and the same Mass. And we let this happen because of our own neglect. So how are we to fix this? On the great face of it, this is irreversible since time and prophecy forbid it. We cannot undo the Crucifixion or the Revolutions. We cannot heal the wounds which Our Lord and His Bride suffered, nor would we want to. But there is one thing we can do: hold steadfast to the Traditions and the Faith that hold us together. We have to be like unto St. John and St. Mary Magdalene, the former who stayed with Our Lord and Our Lady during the Passion and who persevered unto the end just like Caleb and Joshua in the Exodus, and the latter who was first to see Our Lord after His Resurrection and who professed His Resurrection to His Apostles. We as Faithful must do the same. We must stay strong in our devotions to Our Lord and Our Lady’s Sacred and Immaculate Hearts, and we must profess the Gospel to the world to save as many souls as we can. But now more than ever, we must beware of false shepherds that use their juridical power to lead the Flock of Christ away from the Gates of Heaven. Whether you are an Indult Traditionalist (FSSP or ICKSP), a Sedeplenist (SSPX), a Benedict Resignationist (TradCatKnight), a Cassiciacum Thesis Sedevacantist (Most Holy Trinity Seminary), a Siri-thesis Sedevacantist (the latter three best applicant to myself, though I hold them secretly) or whatever, we all have one thing in common, and that is that we are Catholics who truly are seeking the salvation of our souls. We would not be Traditionalists at all if we were not. Now more than ever, we need to stand on the side of God.

On the aftermorrow of Our Lord’s Nativity 1957, the last confirmed encounter with the true Sr. Lucy, the Fatima visionary said to Fr. Augustine Fuentes, “Therefore we must choose sides. Either we are for God or we are for the Devil. There is absolutely no other possibility.”
And Fr. Frederick Faber said in his book Devotion to the Church, “We must beware then of dangers from within. We must be upon our guard even against catholic books, periodicals, journals, and pamphlets, however specious they may be. Our Blessed Redeemer said of the false prophets of the last days (St. Matt. 24: 24) that they should “deceive, if possible, even the elect.” Now we must remember, that if all the manifestly good men were on one side, and all the manifestly bad men on the other, there would be no danger of any one, least of all, the elect, being deceived by lying wonders. It is the good men, good once, we must hope good still, who are to do the work of Antichrist, and so sadly to crucify afresh the Lord whom they do more than profess to love. Bear in mind this feature of the last days, that their deceitfulness arises from good men being on the wrong side.”

We are called as children and Faithful of the Catholic Church to defend the same Church and Her teachings and Traditions not out of our own vainglory or personal conviction, but out of our longing and affection for Her Divine Spouse. We must fulfill our state of life, and fulfill Our Lord and Our Lady’s requests (the First Saturday Devotion, the Daily Rosary, frequenting in Holy Communion, go receive the Sacrament of Penance weekly at best and monthly at least, the Morning Offering Prayer of the Brown Scapular, the Angelus, etc.) We must strengthen each other with our prayers that we may save our souls, and that if we are to witness these great events in our lives, we must be prepared. Prepared to die in a State of Sanctifying Grace in the Name of God and within the embrace of Holy Mother Church. Prepared to offer tribute and sacrifice for the salvation of souls, especially the last good and faithful Pastors of Christ (Bp. Sanborn, Fr. Despósito, H.E. Burke, H.E. Sarah, Benedictus P.P. XVI, Abp. Viganò [the Good Archbishop], Bp. Schneider [the Bishop of Kazakhstan], Fr. McFarland, Fr. Rutledge, Bp. Williamson, Fr. Chazal, Fr. Ripperger, Fr. Altman, and others) whose first concern is the salvation of souls. And if we are spared, prepared to be the few who survive the Great Chastisement to rebuild the Earth for the reign of Our Lord and Our Lady on Earth all over the world. 

Therefore, brethren, let us take a moment to pray for our brothers and sisters who are going through their own trials which affect our own churches and dioceses, that we may be able to maintain them in accordance with the teachings of the Church. Let us take a moment to pray for the men who are discerning the Priesthood, men such as myself, that we may remain faithful to the Church’s teachings, and be willing to defend them at all costs. Let us take a moment to pray for the souls in Purgatory that they might have their suffering terminated as soon as possible so that they may swiftly be brought to eternal Paradise. And most of all, let us pray for those who are outside the Church, and who are lacking of faith, people like many of the world’s leaders, and many of the world’s clerics including Bergoglio himself, and our archdiocese’s humble Cardinal who is trapped in false obedience, that they may be brought to the light of Christ and repent from their sins and errors and heresies and be brought back into the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, which all must be a faithful member of in order to obtain Eternal Life. And if you can, please support and back the causes of Catholics such as myself that are trying to fight the implementation of the Vatican’s current implementations. Stand with Fr. Altman and Bp. Schneider [the Bishop of Kazakhstan], and your parish priests who are fighting to defend the Church and Her people. Their labour and fight ought not to go unrewarded. Though they already have a reward in Heaven, they need support here on Earth.

There are better days to come: the Saints of the Church and the apparitions of Our Lady point to a glorious future that shall be after these great trials. St. John Bosco foretells a Holy Pope, who by his promotion of the Holy Eucharist and Devotion to Our Lady, will restore the glory and the power of the Church and the Papacy back to Rome. Our Lady of Good Success also points out that there will be a Holy Prelate who will restore the Church. And there are many prophecies from Saints throughout the ages that foretell of a Glorious King of France and a Holy Pope in Rome who will crush the Freemasonic cult and the pagan religions of the world and spread the Church of Christ throughout the four corners of the Earth, all before the Antichrist comes to bring forth the Great Tribulation. But the era that will follow this one is to be a great one, for just as Christ resurrected in His Glory, the Church will be restored in the churches and the monasteries and the convents and the cathedrals and the chapels and in the Eternal City itself in Her Glory.

Whatever is our fate, whatever is in store for us by history or by destiny, we must be in unity with Christ once we walk through the door of death and pass on from time into eternity. Thus, we implore the Blessed Virgin Mary for Her assistance as She leads us directly to Christ. As we remember Her and Her Nativity, let us remember how we as Faithful ought to follow Her directions and Her requests so that the blessings of Almighty God may be bestowed upon us and that His wrath may pass over us.

Av e Maria, gratia plena

Dominus tecum.

Benedicta tu in mulieribus,

et benedictus fructus ventris tui, Iesus.

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei,

ora pro nobis peccatoribus, nunc,

et in hora mortis nostrae. Amen.

Please continue to pray for me and our community. Not only our little Catholic Latin Mass community, but for every Traditional Catholic who is genuinely fighting for Tradition and for the salvation of their own souls, that we may all find the justice we deserve. Because as Our Lady said at Fatima, “In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.”

Yours in Christ,


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