Francis Announces That He Will Do The Fatima Consecration & Big Conclave News

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It better be done in union with all the bishops of the world or it won’t work. Just like the last five times popes have consecrated Russia without following heaven’s explicit and simple instructions. It isn’t hard.





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5 thoughts on “Francis Announces That He Will Do The Fatima Consecration & Big Conclave News

  1. Oh, I’m sure Heaven has forgotten all about that Pachamama business and suddenly illumined the Argentine.The man believes that praying or working for the conversion of non-Catholics is a SIN…but somehow he’s going to make a pro forma “consecration” and this is going to fool The Holy Trinity?

  2. Anthony, SO glad to see you “Live” and “Real” ! . . not that all
    previous episodes were phantom. Even your mentor and Historian
    extraordinaire Hillaire Belloc will hold it against you for raising the
    digital “Stage Curtain”. I rather think he’s rejoicing. Looking forward to up-coming episodes. May Our Lord keep you healthy
    in Mind and Body.

  3. Haven’t watch this your latest yet, Anthony, but very glad to see that you stick with Our Lady’s ORIGINAL instructions of 1917.
    You “Get It!”; how come so few others ?? I conclude from Our
    Lady’s original instructions to those three LITTLE children —”unless you become like . . . ” that the underlying
    issue is the Obedience of Faith, NOT the “feel good” (Novus Ordo)
    of a grand event.

  4. Among the prophecies about the Great Apostacy, wasn’t there one about a wicked Pope converting at the last minute, but the bishops refusing to join him? Perhaps this is that? 🤔
    You are right, we should redouble our prayers and sacrifices between now and the Feast of the Annunciation (and traditionally observed date of the Crucifixion). Then we shall see.


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