Francis Expels Bishop For Refusing To Submit To Evil

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Bishop Daniel Torrest of Puerto Rico was the only bishop in that conference of bishops who refused to submit to the biochemical tyranny and Modernism, and now he is being punished for his fidelity to Christ.




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3 thoughts on “Francis Expels Bishop For Refusing To Submit To Evil

  1. It is getting harder to live without Covid 19 restiveness in your employment. But in the Church of Christ, this is an evil that requires us to participate in abortion. What kind of a Godless leadership would require it’s members to partake of such an abomination! God forgive these warped men who have forsaken their faith for human respect and self love.

  2. So the Pope continues his covid crusade even when the media has pretty much dropped it and uncensored science has proven that natural immunity works fine and that the vaccines are not without potentially dangerous side effects. May God have mercy on all of us

  3. Defend the Truth with your life if need be ……….I read this message from God the Father long back !

    Queen and Mother of the Last Times
    Snatch us out of the clutches of Evil.


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