Dying Benedict XVI Shamelessly Attacked By Jesuits

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Why is it always the Jesuits?





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5 thoughts on “Dying Benedict XVI Shamelessly Attacked By Jesuits

  1. When Martin was just a blip on the heretic circuit, Fr Thomas Reese was spreading Jesuit infidelity via America far and wide.

    1. Which starts with the need to meet the “anxiety” but does not mention the need for penance and prayer to get rid of the heretical idea of “anxiety” for holy men of our Church.

  2. And so, on and on it goes, the POLITICAL JOCKEYING
    saga in Rome.

    Who of the ORDAINED there offer the Mass . . daily?
    Confess . . weekly? Hear Confessions? . . CARE
    about the lay Faithful? . . the confused and defected

    I mean, Ignatius himself, during his last years, would
    dissolve into tears during the Mass. Those present
    could not take their eyes off HIM never mind the
    Mass ! They would last as long as Padre St.Pio’s
    of more recent memory.

    But the current crop of Vatican State citizens —yes,
    PRINT magnates of the Left, above all, waxing eloquent
    in the Global Village for essential changes in both Faith
    and Morals —what do they CARE about the Faithful,
    who NEED constant leadership in achieving ETERNAL
    SALVATION (“happiness with the Great Spirit”), but
    who are, instead, caught up in political intrigue of “winners”
    and “losers” in opinion battles?

    What’s desperately needed here is a re-visit to the
    Missionary work of early America, of Flemish Jesuit
    Fr. Peter-John DeSmet, SJ, “Apostle of the Rocky
    Mountains” (1801 – 1873). The morally exceptional
    “in-the-dark” Flathead tribe (Salish Nation today) of
    the Eastern slopes of the Rockies, sent FOUR
    delegations during the decade of the 1830s to
    St. Louis, Missouri, to obtain a “Blackrobe” to instruct
    them in the essentials of the Catholic Faith, Sacraments,
    Morals. These people, pre-catechized by Iroquois
    converts who had traveled all the way from Montréal,
    were the only tribe who practised and had any clue
    about FIDELITY in Marriage. Lewis and Clarke had
    attested to this earlier (1801) on their way West.

    Fr. DeSmet arrived in 1841 to an incredibly joyful
    1600 Flathead young and old, who had gone out
    to meet DeSmet’s little party. St.Mary’s Mission became
    base of “operations”, with mountain Church intact
    today at west-end Stephensville, Montana.

    Basic prayers, assisting at “the Great Prayer”, 
    the Mass and its Liturgy, moral living, even
    instruction in farm animal husbandry and crop
    growing grew out of DeSmet’s very practical and
    fruitful efforts. Fr. E. Laveille’s biography reads
    like a block-buster movie. Young DeSmet even in
    “grade” school was called “Samson” because of
    his build and strength, which he used to good
    effect as a missionary. It was sea-sickness (8
    trans-Atlantic voyages, for more missionaries
    and funds begged) and Bright’s disease
    which eventually brought him down.

    The Flathead people —as did all neighbouring
    and plains tribes — knew the power and presence
    of the Evil One, knew the “prison” of living without
    the Light and guidance of “the Great Spirit”.

    Current Ecclesial quibbling in high places and
    Globally, betrays everything laboured and died
    for during those early America Mission decades.

    1. Thank you for that great, concise history lesson. I think Arch Bishop Lef… bemoaned the plight of the missionary after JPII’s Assisi abomination.


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