Priests FLAMBOYANTLY REBEL Against The Church While Fr Pavone Suffers

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Will 50 self described “gay” priests be punished for rejecting the Church’s teaching publicly? Highly unlikely.



Archbishop Lefebvre on True Obedience:



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One thought on “Priests FLAMBOYANTLY REBEL Against The Church While Fr Pavone Suffers

  1. This news requires an observation oh His Truths – it’s always back to simple basics, nature is XY. It’s only with a rational moral mind that the human creature reaches an apex of creation to debate the meaning. Sex and procreation are hard wired into all creatures , it is not relative . The choice of what pleasures a creature might IMAGINE with vtgeir body parts can range from Holy impulses directed towards a FAMILY end or depraved impulses directed to a rear end.

    Discernment , the absence of it to know the difference, falls upon each individual.

    Since “science” ( modernism and post modernism ) has eliminated God from the DSM V , it is not surprising that any self indulgent individual would read psychiatric and psychological texts and assure themselves they have no psychological issues of significance ( their minds are just “dysphoric” ) .

    The great misfortune, punishment is not the answer ? How ? The oath of a shepherd is to lead , which can be accomplished without advocacy . BUT , when “organized”, the “dispute” takes them out of The Church and lands them directly with the philosophies of the present age “reformers” ( heritics ) fouls in all denominations of evangelical , Episcopal, Lutheran, and Presbyterian thought.

    Alas, for all eternity , the answer remains the heart and mind of each individual . It remains a decision of prayer, free will, and identity . Blessings, Dr.Scott



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