Catholic Leaders Make Radical Proposal To Save The Faith

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The Church must resist Francis and the Modernists, even if it means consecrating more bishops without Rome’s approval.




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5 thoughts on “Catholic Leaders Make Radical Proposal To Save The Faith

  1. I pray that the illumination of conscience soon comes upon us all. Frances has stated that he will probably be remembered as the pope that brought schism to the church. Ironically, he and his heresies and like-minded prelates appear to be the actual schism from the church. If such is the case, the question still remains as to what action plans are still open to us to try to influence the church hierarchy on the need to return to our holy traditions and the magisterium of the faith. Much defensiveness appears evident among the clergy and prelates. The withdrawal of financial support to the church is an option, but it is being mitigated by the $2,000,000,000 that the church received by McCarrick’s machinations with the chinese government, so much so that Pope’s silence on the Cardinal Zen is deafening and tragic. The traditional Latin mass and liturgy is the pathway to Christ, and if it means that more bishops need to be made so as to increase the number of TLM priests then it needs to be given consideration. Church property will probably not be released to these options, and we will have to think about the possibility of building or renting church space for us to continue. Legal issues might also arise by way of church-generated injunctions and lawsuits, but legal help has been obtained by Church Militant, and this might also be available to us. We will be in the catacombs again, and maybe this is what prophets and Catholic seers see as the small remnant that will remain. We need to pray earnestly for discernment in these and other matters.

  2. How long are you going to keep lying to yourselves that what Francis and his bishops do has anything to do with the Church? They’re frauds, but you’re all too wrapped up in trying to figure out how you can stop the lot of them while still calling them bishops and pope.

  3. Truth. It cannot contradict itself. Any teaching by a Bishop or Pope which contradicts a prior Dogma of the Church is invalid. This applies to ex cathedra pronouncements also.The Church is founded by Jesus and will last till the end of time. But, where is that Church? Is it still in Roman headed by Bergolio and the heretical Bishops? The problem is much deeper than just Pope Bergolio. Am I wrong or missing something? Someone please reply.

  4. Apostasy is not only occurring now, it has been occurring slowly but surely since V2. Our current prelates know this but continue to make statements that focus on their filibustering instead of their desire to “keep the faith” as it was and is still alive and well within the Traditional church. Francis church is a failure and if this failure becomes a codified reality for all Catholics, these apostates will happily and ultimately lead us all to hell which is where the servants of Satan want us to go. Please understand that this is about Satan and his unrepentant servants. They are real; they are powerful and they are becoming more and more vicious w/each passing day. The Illumination of Consciences will soon be upon us. The key is the Rosary and the humility of the faithful who actually TRUST in GOD, receive the sacraments regularly, who pray each and every day for the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary who will crush Satan’s head. When was the last time you heard Francis or any of his fellow apostate bishops, refer to Christ or to his holy mother, the Immaculate Heart. What Francis wants is the total destruction of the true faith so that the church of Satan sits in the place of God so that the Abomination of Desolation will rule throughout the world. Heinous and completely satanic world religion under the power of the AC. ALmost there. Talk is cheap so my advice is to keep your faith alive, do what Christ ordained us to do and pray each day for the grace to keep the true faith.

  5. Anthony, these guys are S O blinding by their ego it’s pathetic. “Each person who
    approaches the church [ small “c” ] carries a sacred story and must be welcomed”
    . . composed and made or declared “sacred” by what or by whom? By and “authority”
    EXTERNAL to the Church founded by Christ? By a fraud? By an Ape fo the Church
    and his followers . . er, uh . . FANS aping the Ape?

    Our Portugese up-start ought to have told Publico: “Each baptized MEMBER OF
    the Mystical Body of Christ I S W E L C O M E D by every other member, by virtue
    of their BAPTISM. Personal preferences, eccentricities, and sins notwithstanding!

    The authentic (i.e. T R U E ) Vicar of Christ on earth —and the Hierarchy and Laity
    under him —CANNOT BE BY-PASSED by some would-be Dictator from Argentina,
    or by any other interfering POLITICAL or “theological” power bloc.


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