Bishops Demand The Vatican Put A Stop To Rampant Heresy

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Not that Rome will listen, of course.




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2 thoughts on “Bishops Demand The Vatican Put A Stop To Rampant Heresy

  1. Saying it OUT LOUD is precisely what Nina Shea (Hudson Institute, for religious
    freedom) and Frank Wolff (Commissioner: US Commission on International Religious
    Freedom) insist will make the difference in the outcome of Cardinal Zen’s CCP’s
    “Kangaroo Kourt”

    Dialogue? DIALOGUE ?? One doesn’t “diaglogue” with the Devil . . OR his “vicar”
    President Xi ! Pope Francis’ team in Kazakstan offered him “dialogue”. Anti-God Xi
    dismissed outright.

    Francis himself has smilingly and “mercifully” gone counter to the Church’s teaching
    on Sin. What’s there to “dialogue” about, with a NON-humanist, flinty-eyed Atheist ??
    Frankie would be forfeiting Beijing’s “big bucks”, as well as being handed “the bloody
    blade of a knife”, should he DARE to “challenge” Red China’s human rights record,
    never mind it’s rigid Anti-God stance.

    Back to Cardinal Zen’s (delayed) “Kangaroo Kourt”: ” . . they will not understand you
    if you don’t speak out!” (Commissioner Wolff) “You need to be BOLD . . Ronal Reagan
    taught us that . . you need to speak out over, and over, and over again. That’s what
    got Sheransky out; that’s what got Solznyitsyn out.” [ Cardinal Zen, a humble man, is
    the key representative there for Christianity . . visits the imprisoned . . !] “Congress . .
    the Administration . . the Church . . EVERYONE should be praying and speaking
    out. A jail sentence for a 90 year old man could literally be a death sentence. WE
    ALL NEED TO SPEAK OUT ! ! ” —The World Over, Sept. 22/22.

    And how did Pope Francis “speak out” ? “. . Cardinal Zen, elderly, will go on trial
    in a few days, I believe. He says what he feels. One sees that there are limitations
    there.”  —Sept. 15/ 22, feast of Our Lady of Sorrows ( ! ! ! ) There he goes again:
    speaking through his (RED . . how appropriate!) skull cap . . with the power and
    force of milk toast.

    At least Cardinal Eijk —means “oak” in Dutch —of Utrecht is sure speaking out
    against his pro-perversion Episcopal brothers in Flanders . . as did Cardinal DeJong
    (also of Utrecht . . a Roman city, by the way) against the occupying Nazis during
    WW II. Indeed, my Parents (married in ’43) had a TRUE HERO to look up to
    then, no less than also receiving the Faith from St. Peter Canisius Catechism,
    used during Cardinal DeJong’s episcopate.

  2. If there are any true Catholics out there w/any common sense at all, please understand that this gesture is just that: A mere gesture of appeasement because again if you have any common sense left, it’s obvious that this “gesture” like all others will not be taken to heart by Francis or any of his staunch supporters. It is a blatant offense against God, the Holy Trinity, Our Blessed Mother and the entire Church that these people keep throwing bones to the jackals who are ravishing the Church and her doctrines and dogma. Sodomy is the second most egrieous sin against God and his Holy Commandments and these gestures at this point in time are insults to His very Being.


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