The War Against Modernism: Pius XII Archives

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While the rest of the world continues to chase the boogeyman of Nazism and fascism, I’m interested in what the archives will reveal about the fight against Modernism. Thankfully we have an idea.

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One thought on “The War Against Modernism: Pius XII Archives

  1. The Pius XII archives should provide support (proof) that Vatican II was based on the writings of heretics. The results of Vatican II have been a catastrophe for the Church largely rendering it Protestant in all but name.

    Anti-pope Bergoglio is well on his way of fulfilling the mission of Vatican II which is convert Catholicism into socialist secular humanism. Hopefully, more support for this contention will come forth from the archives.

    Vatican II must be abrogated in its entirety in order for the Church to return to orthodox Catholicism.


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