Cardinal Reveals The Demonic Plan For Burying The Catholic Faith

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When they tell you what they want to do, maybe its time to believe them.




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7 thoughts on “Cardinal Reveals The Demonic Plan For Burying The Catholic Faith

  1. Funny how the interview reads like the Croat layman knows more than the red hatted apostate and, like a friendly teacher, is trying to coax the student back to the right answers.

  2. Most Loved Anthony,

    His Love ,Wisdom, Knowege, and Understanding are given as gifts by The Holy Spirit to whoever The Holy Spirit choose – the “rain” falls on the “good” and the “bad “. The action of The Holy Spirit is life giving ( eternal ) and Salvific ( Christ ) ;
    it is individualized to meet each person “where they are supposed to be “. The Holy Spirit allows free will and choices – it allows for CONSEQUENCES . The Holy Spirit is not coming again , Christ is coming again .

    Christ is The King who commands His Kingdom . Vicars tend the store until their master returns . Christ clearly warned vicars , “woe “ , to those who abuse the serfs in His absence .

    What did I just say ? It is certain vicars who grab onto The Holy Spirit and claim His Power ( not Love ) for their justification – they create for themselves false justifications using a pretense of false righteousness; their fallen minds ,in fact, obscure the perfect inspirations of The Holy Spirit and by consequence their material manifestation ( physical reality ) is CONFUSED . They then spread the “virus” of confusion by argumentation which relies upon relativism and rationalizations .
    YES, they ate the apple with Eve , and have placed the “fig leaf” of vestments upon their persons to cloth themselves ( wolves in sheep’s clothing ) . Their LUSTS for power and elevation of ego debase the flock to OBJECTS which can be manipulated for their own personal pleasures of the flesh .

    Not The Holy Spirit , but demonic spirits they are listening to . Blasphemy and heresy become their calling cards . BUT , they are “nice” people who are “tolerant” and “inclusive” ? Apostasy is the currency of IDENTITY CATHOLICISM .

    Come Jesus Come !!!! Only Jesus knows The Real identity from The Tear.

    Blessings, Raphael

    1. “The Holy Spirit is not coming again . . ” AGAIN ?? The Holy
      Spirit, the Paraclete promised by Jesus, came —as promised —
      at the first Pentecost in “the Upper Room” . . and has been
      with the Church EVER SINCE, even until now . . “as we speak”.

      Please study you Church history, Scott.

      1. You are correct ….in context, implicit, I tried to convey has always been and is always here as promised

        1. Thanks for clarifying, Scott. I suppose one cannot leave
          too many “gaps” —assume the other ALREADY knows
          most of the information — these days, or Anthony would
          be out of a job.

          But then, for us “commentators”, conciseness in our replies
          needs to be balanced with minimum use of that “reply space”,
          for ease of reading while still getting our meaning across.

          Blessings of the Risen Christ !

  3. @ 6:35 “We must experience the PAINFUL separation
    from THE REST of our baptized brothers and sisters.”
    [ . . including Faithful, “Rigid”, Orthodox practising
    Catholics ? ]

    Oh, c’mon Jean-Claude! “. . YOU must experience the
    painful separation from the REST of YOUR baptized
    brothers and sisters”. I don’t see any EXPRESSION
    of pain on your sincere-looking face. Are you actually
    carrying the pain of BOTH Eastern and Western “Lungs
    of the Church”(St. John Paul II)?

    @6: 37 f ” . . to pray for THE Synod of THE Catholic
    Church” ??

    I don’t think so. (translation) ” . . to pray for A synod of the
    counterfeit catholic church.”

    “Synodality” ?? . . the Babel-like nattering of voices, the global
    DISTANT [ for now, but getting closer ] hmmmm of a cloud of
    locusts taking off, to chew up the next nearest hectares of
    HEALTHY grains in their path.

    You can holler all you like, Cardinal Hollerich, but you are a
    MOCKERY of a fellow Belgian of 200 years ago, Fr. Jean-Pierre
    DeSmet, SJ (1823 – 1871). Untiring, strong, Samson-built, yet
    consistently a MOST approachable Missionary to EARLY America,
    in particular to the Salish Nation (“Flat-head”) of the Eastern
    Rocky Mountains . . but also to the Sioux, Blackfoot, and other
    tribes of the continental foothills, grasslands, and plains.

    The U.S. Army depended on Fr. DeSmet as a guarantee in
    various peace negotiations and Treaties . . even though it was
    the Military who showed ingrained a priori hostility to the war-like
    Sioux, plains Cree —in fact, all “Indians” —as a matter of policy.

    May the intercession of Fr. DeSmet —along with his countless
    Baptized LITTLE KIDS in Heaven —lead you back to the
    True Faith, to Christ and HIS Church, Cardinal Jean-Claude.

  4. This is beyond the pale of Catholic teaching. Instead it replaces it with an altogether different faith which means it is heretical and even beyond modernism. I would say it is demonic. We know that the apostasy in the Church starts at the top. But this goes beyond even that truth. Apparently the Catholic faith, according to the Bergolglians, is now being cancelled, period. Why would any Catholic be found in the same room w/these people? And, yes, the rhetorical question: “When Christ comes again, will he find faith?” has been answered by this latest round of demonic chicanery. Do we ignore this or do we demand that our church hierarchy act as true defenders of the faith and take out the antipope and his fellow apostate bishops, cardinals, etc.? As a practicing Catholic I and you have a right and a responsibility to follow the true Church and ALL its doctrine, dogma, etc. which can be found in the total deposit of faith which is the Holy Magisterium of the Church. Cancel the synod now!


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