CRITICAL LATIN MASS BAN UPDATE: Francis’ War On The Faith Continues

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It was too much to hope for that the April 3 rumors would just be rumors.




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3 thoughts on “CRITICAL LATIN MASS BAN UPDATE: Francis’ War On The Faith Continues

  1. If all of this is true, then we are officially in the sorry state of apostasy, blasphemy and the rest. Personally I think it’s time to cancel Francis. I am tired of listening to those prelates in the Church who keep talking but appear to have no plan to go beyond the talking. What truly grieves me is the fact that this has all been planned well in advance and, yes, even beyond the V2 disaster that we are still trying to legitimize. It cannot be done because it is a rupture of the true faith and has no part in the life of the Church. Are we heading straight into the Chastisements then when Christ Himself will cancel all of this and more? Keep in mind that the Third Secret is still waiting for a legitimate Pope to carry out our Lady’s Mandate. Obviously that person is not Francis so why are the prelates of the Church mired in the filth of the apostasy, blasphemies, heresies, etc. by talking w/o a plan of action?
    Just recently we, he laity, were called to stand up for what we believe as Catholics. How many of us do that on a daily basis even though we receive no support or direction beyond the cheerleading by those who need to give us their plan of action to resolve this travesty. Remember what is a Truth that we have been given from the Scriptures: Faith w/o works is a dead end.


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