Cardinal Pell Asks The Modernists If They Serve The Diabolical Or Christ

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Cardinal Pell gave an interesting interview with the once-great Catholic Herald where he expresses confidence in Francis eventually smashing the heretic bishops and their wicked Synods.




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5 thoughts on “Cardinal Pell Asks The Modernists If They Serve The Diabolical Or Christ

  1. I’m NOT Australian nor “up” on matters (Political or Ecclesiastical) Australian. But, with the waters already muddied by TJ’s reminder that Cardinal Pell is “a JP2/Vatican 2 style modernist” —I myself have a large portrait of St.John Paul II above this computer . . his final Sanctity having been assured by his devotion & fidelity to the promises attached to the Brown Scapular, not to mention his promotion of THE ROSARY! —and by Servus OLMC’s sadness at Cardinal Pell siding with “the Bishop of Rome”, I can only hasten back “TO THE ROSARY he —Cardinal Pell — said when in prison because Our Lady needs him to advocate the TRUTH . . “

  2. Are people forgetting that Cardinal Pell IS a MODERNIST himself. Maybe not a thorough Bergoglio modernist, but a JP2/Vatican 2 style modernist nonetheless. He is the one who on Australian TV publicly called the Biblical account of Adam and Eve a myth, a Religious Myth told for Religious Purposes. It took an atheist to point out to him that if that is a myth then so is original sin and then the whole reason for the existence of the Catholic Church collapses. So Pell himself is a lost modernist heretic. Pell is a joke who clearly does not know what the heck he is talking about. Why waste time on this cardinal clown who is living in some kind of modernist La La land. He has no credibility.

  3. As an Australian who defended Cardinal Pell against the masonic judgement by the justice system and the police services of the state of Victoria (Australia) from day 1, I am bitterly disappointed in Cardinal Pell’s support of the Bishop of Rome!
    Cardinal Pell should read Bishop Julian Porteous’ recent epistle to the Australian Catholic Bishops.
    And then read between the lines and broadcast that!
    Of course that would take the courage of a St Paul standing up to St Peter ……
    (when he was wrong) (and having the intestinal fortitude of an Australian Rugby schoolboy team (Marists) when challenging a Jesuit rugby schoolboy team to what should be a fun and balanced affair!
    Sorry couldn’t resist that. I stood adjacent to Cardinal Pell one year in Sydney watching such a game and the Jesuits lost!!! )
    And then read St Athanasius’ story and how he stood virtually alone against the attacks on the Church Of Our Divine Lord, Saviour and Redeemer.
    Cardinal Pell was the recipient of my prayers and that of a number of TLM families here in Australia when he was illegally and unfairly imprisoned.
    I thought after that and his St Paul (& St Peter) type release from prison, he would have a clearer view of the reality of our church in this country and indeed the world!
    I am a nobody, have no right or position to give advice to my local priest let alone a Cardinal, but Cardinal Pell should heed the advice of Our Lady of Fatima, et al, and get back to the rosary he said when in prison because Our Lady needs him to advocate the TRUTH, not the Bishop of Rome’s falsehoods!
    For the record it appears that the state of Tasmania in Australia is becoming a stronghold of traditional catholics with traditional catholic families moving there from the mainland – especially from coastal areas – interesting given 80% of the population of Australia live in coastal regions!!!!!
    Julian Porteous, is the Bishop of Hobart, the capital of Tasmania.
    So to me, an inland mainland (NSW) resident of Australia, with, very sadly a weak, modernist and poor example of an apostle of our Divine Lord as our bishop, it is not really a great surprise that people are flocking (good word, hey!) to a true shepherd of our One Holy and Apostolic Church of Our Saviour and Redeemer in Tasmania!.
    Viva Cristo Rey

    God bless all.

    Servus OLMC

  4. My question: did Cardinal Pell ever mention Francis by name. The author wrote that the Cardinal had faith in Pope Francis but his quotes of Cardinal Pell don’t reflect the Cardinal’s use of the Bergolio’s name. Is it possible his not doing so was deliberate?


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