Cardinal Defiles Cathedral By Leading Public Pagan Ritual

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Smudge rituals are demonic.




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4 thoughts on “Cardinal Defiles Cathedral By Leading Public Pagan Ritual

  1. I take note that today, Oct. 6, is the feast of ST. BRUNO, founder of
    the Carthusians and PATRON OF THE POSSESSED.

    Concerning one of the “three thoughts”: cancelling realities simply
    by SAYING so doesn’t cancel them. The realities are simply too real.

    Thus: “Not a bishop”: Cardinal Collins IS an ordained Priest and
    consecrated Bishop and Cardinal. No gettin’ around that.
    “Not a Mass”: it most certainly was, even though Novus Ordo.
    “Not a real church at all”: St. Michael’s Cathedral —with proper
    Consecrated altars ‘n all—in Toronto has been the centre of
    Catholic life in that city for decades. Been there many times myself,
    way before Covid and way before the ascendancy of Canadian
    aboriginal lore insinuating its now-politicized and weaponized
    culture into Catholic Faith and Practise. So, with that “smudging” 
    —normal meanings : “dirtying”; “blotching”; “blackening”; “smearing”;
    “staining”; “soiling” —ritual, actually permitted and performed INSIDE
    a Catholic Cathedral, renders Cardinal Collins’s [ well-meaning ? ..
    “I still LIKE you” ?] participation, at worst, a defiling of the TRULY
    SACRED. In other words, it REALLY happened, in a REAL Catholic
    Cathedral, by a REAL Ordained/ Consecrated Minister of the Church.

    “Not a bishop, not a mass, not a real church at all” simply doesn’t “wash”.
    Neither was this a pretence. Rather this was, and remains, a Sacrilege
    in need of on-going reparation by the Lay Faithful, in need of
    RE-consecration of St. Michael’s Cathedral by the Diocese, and
    in need of a solemn retraction by Cardinal Collins. You can’t be
    “perfect” ALL of the time, my dear Cardinal.

    One is prompted to ask: is the CAVE-IN CULTURE —vetted as
    “OK”, or so it seems —by the Catholic Leadership the ONLY
    “authority” we Laymen and Laywomen have left to take as
    our example and model ??

  2. The Irish never had ceremonies of Crum Cruach to preface the mass in Ireland. Or put dancing leprechauns into some sort of procession.

  3. Immediate re-actions, Anthony? ORANGE ! . . that’s the
    colour of the Dutch National Soccer team ! . . who got it from
    the Battle of the Boyne. The Orangemen won, their leader
    being William of Nassau (of the House of Orange). Predominantly
    Calvinist Holland and its monarchy have chosen that colour
    for the Nation ever since.

    Then there’s your Ukrainian “Orange Revolution”. Was that
    headed by Dutch Calvinists as well ?

    Who picked the colour “orange” for Canada’s current Indigenous
    Reconciliation Day? Another Calvinist? Why “orange”? Purple
    (Liturgically Catholic !) is far more conducive and symbolic of
    SINCERE acknowledgement of sin, sorrow, and reconciliation.\
    Non-Catholics haven’t any Liturgical colours. And when will
    the (British) Crown apologize for their part, historically, in forcing
    “Empire values” onto indigenous pupils populating the Dominion’s
    State schools back then. Michael Matt, of Remnant TV, has
    plenty of evidence (film) showing Religious Sisters running
    orderly indigenous schools AND passing on the Catholic Faith.
    Quite the contrary the MSM (Main Stream Media) narratives,
    Trudeau, and a host of NON-historically informed dictators.

    As for wafting a feather across something (I couldn’t make out
    what) on a table near the Sanctuary of Toronto’s most important
    Cathedral . . and then making as if washing one’s face with
    water (only its air) . . duh . . Jesus at least made the invalids, waiting
    their turn by the pool (of Siloam?), dunk into that REAL water.
    Same for our Baptism: REAL water.

    Thomas Cardinal Collins might do well to pour himself a “Tom
    Collins” and THINK about what he’s doing. Is he politically
    correctly aftaid to call a spade a “spade”. If so, what else in
    his Cardinalate, if any, has he been afraid to call out when
    it contravened the CATHOLIC identity of his Diocese and
    his flock?

    The rest of us googly-eyed, entertained podcast watcher
    and listeners had better re-learn to READ . . SLOWLY,
    ATTENTIVELY pray the Gospels, study the Faith, and Church
    History (few historians leave the Church),

  4. Not a bishop, not a mass, not a real church at all. Give up the pretense and the lies.


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