Did Malachi Martin Leak The Real Third Secret Of Fatima?

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Given what he had to say over numerous talks and in various books, he may well have.




Father Malachi Martin Interview with Bernard Janzen 1992, The Kingdom of Darkness

Father Malachi Martin Interview with Art Bell on May 4, 1998

Father Malachi Martin Interview with Art Bell on July 13, 1998 (the very Anniversary of the Third Secret of Fatima)

Keys Of This Blood

WindSwept House

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11 thoughts on “Did Malachi Martin Leak The Real Third Secret Of Fatima?

  1. I can verify that Father Martin definitely believed in the authenticity of the purported visions that took place in Garabandal, as I personally heard it from his own mouth in a discussion with him years ago (we had a mutual friend who was a long time acquaintance of Father’s). He included a reference to it in the book “Keys of This Blood,” although it is somewhat cryptic.

  2. Given the battles going on right now between Russia and Ukraine/NATO/US I’m surprised you omitted any reference to Malachi Martin’s audio interview in 1996 when he said:

    “Now as regards the mystery of Fatima it still stands…. So Russia is within the plans. Why? Err….that would take me too far afield into papal secrets. Why Russia and Kiev are involved in the final solution of this problem. But they are. They are part-and-parcel and it’s really God’s choice. And it is purely and simply God’s choice. Like he chose the Jews. He has His own favourite solutions. I wouldn’t have chosen Russians or Kiev or The East for salvation. But salvation is to come from the East.”

    Presumably, Russia and Kiev represent the first battle of the chastisement. Putin has made it clear the SMO is an Holy Crusade, Christianity against the decadent, evil, woke, secular West.

    At the start of the SMO Putin kissed an Icon of Our Lady and prayed. Putin knows about the messages of Fatima. The Russian Embassy in Rome interviewed Fr Gruner (Fatima Center) and asked many questions about Fatima before Putin met with “Pope” Francis. Subsequently, Putin is said to have asked for the Consecration of Russia to take place but Francis said no.

    1. Elizabeth, if your evidence —Putin kissing Our Lady’s Icon/ praying; the Fr. Gruner
      interview; Putin HIMSELF asking for the Consecration of Russia —if these are all
      factual, please forward the data, article(s), video(s). and/or Podcasts to Anthony’s
      platform here. The main-streem media and the world would need to know of this
      very pertinent and outcome-changing expectations events. Much very obliged.

  3. Anthony, do you know exactly which source Malachi Martin stated the miracle of the sun would happen? I have emailed Bernard Janzen but no response, yet.

  4. Would it be possible to post the source document that collected all of the Malachi Martin stuff in one place?

  5. The Modernists that had taken over the Vatican before and after J23’s controversial election, upon reading the 3rd Secret, were thinking as Modernists do. They looked at it all in humanist and geopolitical terms. Did they not stop to think that the power of God (through Our Lady and the Consecration of Russia) would make everything work if they (The Pope and Hierarchy) would just do what they were asked?
    They were thinking in purely human terms, as if nothing supernatural would happen.

    1. The irony here is that Mary was clearly telling them that if the Pope and all of the bishops in union with him consecrated Russia to her Immaculate Heart — and revealed the Third Secret of Fatima in its entirety in 1960 — all of the things they were pretending to fear could be avoided. But if they ignored her requests, then the Great Apostasy, the Annihilation of Nations, and a tremendous loss of souls would all occur. Were these men — John XXIII, Paul VI, and many of the Cardinals & Bishops acting in concert with them — merely worldly and blind, or were they consciously opposing God and actively participating in the destruction of our holy Catholic faith? The deeper one studies these things, the more it begins to look like something darker was happening — especially when we consider the mayhem during the Conclave of 1958;, the refusal to reveal the contents of the Third Secret of Fatima in 1960; the reported enthronement of Lucifer in the Vatican by a group of prelates and laymen in June 1963 which Fr. Martin outlines in Windswept House; the disasterous Second Vatican Council and its implementation by the Concilium under the direction of a confirmed Freemason, Annibale Bugnini; and the probable murder of John Paul I in 1978, who was in the process of brooming known enemies of the Church out of the Roman Curia, among whom were confirmed Freemason Sebastiano Cardinal Baggio and suspected Freemason Jean Cardinal Villot. All of these events from 1958 – 1978 reveal an organized attack being mounted against the Catholic Church by a dedicated group of enemies operating within the Church at the highest levels. The war against Pope Benedict XVI and his replacement by Jorge Bergolio in 2013 is simply a continuation of this process.

      1. Yes that is a very good question. I tend to think that, as you suggest, that there was something deeper and more sinister happening. Just look at the results.

  6. Anthony – have you read the book Trial, Tribulation and Triumph by Desmond Birch? This is a fairly exhaustive compilation of approved Catholic prophecies. It attempts to systematically go through the prophecies and develop common threads, with the conclusion of a rough timeline of the future. Might be helpful for your compilation video.


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